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  1. Couching foot for APQS

    Oops couching not crouching!
  2. Couching foot for APQS

    I also tried the crouching foot at a show and liked it. Would love one for my Millie
  3. Chevrons on Lucius

    Love the quilting you did on this!
  4. Beautiful babies!! The quilts are so cute and the babies seem to love them.
  5. Triple Barn Star

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your quilting is so beautiful!
  6. NQR newest granddaughter

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!
  7. Bali Wedding Star

  8. Quilt Number 7

    Beautiful quilting!
  9. Baby boy quilt

    Oops should have read shower gift
  10. Made this little quilt as a shore gift for a coworker who is expectations a baby boy. She has an airplane themed nursery.
  11. Oma your quilt is beautiful! Love this pattern and your choice of fabrics is perfect. I am not able to find the pattern on the Hoffman site. Was it recently that you downloaded it?