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  1. Baby gift

    Thank you Cagey! Very kind of you!
  2. Congratulations!! You are going to love it!!
  3. Super cute! Great design choices!
  4. Made this little quilt for baby shower gift for a coworker. I’m new to ruler work and am pleased with the result. Just needs binding
  5. Circle Lord Boards for Sale

    Sending you an email. Interested in pampas clams and seven treasures giant boards.
  6. Thank you Jim. Will tighten top and keep my fingers crossed
  7. Connie I have the exact same issue when using that combo of thread . Which thread path did you use that seemed to work? I’ve tried all the other suggestions.to no avail. Only happens when stitching straight lines and moving right to left.
  8. Couching foot for APQS

    Oops couching not crouching!
  9. Couching foot for APQS

    I also tried the crouching foot at a show and liked it. Would love one for my Millie
  10. Chevrons on Lucius

    Love the quilting you did on this!
  11. Beautiful babies!! The quilts are so cute and the babies seem to love them.
  12. Triple Barn Star

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your quilting is so beautiful!