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  1. Martelli Kwik Bind

    KCConnie, I sent you a message.
  2. I baste the edges on both sides and then just quilt off the edges. Rarely I will catch the edge and it will flip when coming back on the quilt top but this doesn't happen often.
  3. Red snappers

    I liked the leadergrips because they were thinner but they also cracked pretty quickly for me so I replaced mine.
  4. My Accomplished Quilting :)

    I really like it. You did a great job with the quilting too.
  5. Zipper Leaders

    What size table do you have? I have a machine set for a 14 foot table that I would like to sell.
  6. Dense Quilt Batting

    I would say Warm and Natural. I think it used to be thicker years ago than what it is now.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I am going to try this.
  8. Pepsi Girl, So do you take the basting stitches out as you get to them or after the quilt is finished?
  9. Holy Cow. How do they get these put together?
  10. Lenni lost power

    I am glad that it was just a blown fuse. Your quilting is great.
  11. Lenni lost power

    I would suggest that you have blown a fuse. Check that.
  12. metal bobbins

    dbams, I sent you a message.
  13. I had the same problem with my leadergrips. My husband did the same thing with the screws and it worked. I have a set of zippers to sell if you are interested.
  14. I have a set of 3 zippers for a 14 foot table that I would like to sell. I have added leadergrips to my new milli but they do take extra fabric and they do get in the way.