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  1. Kreative Dager i Fredericia Danmark

    Det skulle jag gärna göra men tyvärr har jag ingen semester kvar i året! Lycka till!
  2. Leader fabric from Bayside Quilting

    Linda - lol, I thought you might have seen the fabric in person seeing as you are in Olympia. Actually you brought me to Bayside when I visited almost 5 years ago. Oh my! Where does time go?! It's good to know that the fabric is lighter. Not what I am looking for. Still working on possibly attending MQX West next week. Would love to see you again!. Marci - sounds like the weight is lighter. Your suggestion of possibly ordering heavier and wider ticking is a great one that I hadn't even thought of! Will look in to that otherwise it will be tried and true APQS leaders. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate them. Very helpful and informative members as always on this forum!
  3. Has anyone used the leader fabric sold by Bayside Quilting in Olympia WA on their frame? I am thinking about installing new leaders and like the look of the striped fabric Bayside offers. It comes in a few different colours and the stripes in the fabric would certainly help line things up. There is always an uncertainty when purchasing something sight unseen online though. Just wondering how sturdy the fabric is and how it holds up. Thanks!
  4. The Basics plus Tips

    Hi Linda, That's too bad. It sounds like a very informative class. Still haven't given up all hope of making it to MQX West yet! It isn't over until it is over. Oh my, same time slot as a Linda Taylor beginner class? Lol, I think all newbies have heard of her!
  5. The Basics plus Tips

    Hi Linda, Will you be offering this class at MQX East? I really want to take your class and went so far as to search airfares to Oregon! As luck would have it, my younger sister is getting married and her MIL to be is holding a shower for her during the weekend of MQX West. All the best for your class!
  6. Best part of my day was my son's fever of 104 breaking!! A napping child and time to sit and catch up with you folks...a close second.
  7. I DID IT!!!!!!

    Congrats! Soooo excited for you. Did you order the L or M size bobbin? Lol, aren't you elated now that I decided not to sell my Liberty to you? Can't wait to see your new 'baby' in person!
  8. Circle Lord 'Cog'

    Hi Caroline, I'm east of Toronto. We've actually corresponded via email but then I dropped out of cyber world for a while. Sorry I did not keep up contact. My little guy is 3 1/2 now and buuuuusy! Think of you every time I pass by Cambridge on the way to visit my parents.
  9. Professional Tote bag

    Thanks Oma for the link (and the original post!) for how to post pics without a Webshots account. I'll give it a whirl as soon as my PC is up and running. Hubby thinks it has a virus. I've been using my iPhone to go online.
  10. Circle Lord 'Cog'

    Very nice Caroline! Love it here too. If you ever decide to give LA lessons...I would be over your way in a flash!
  11. Chain Reaction....

    Wow! You are very talented. This is going into my favourites! Thank you for posting pics and sharing. I'm still a newbie from lack of practising but seeing beautiful quilting like yours motivates me to 'get to it'!
  12. Professional Tote bag

    Made one of these out of Amy Butler fabrics a few years ago to use as a diaper bag. It was surprisingly easy to put together. I found the pattern easy to follow as the instructions were really well written. Would post a pic if a I knew how.
  13. Top quilted to blanket

    They look great. Doesn't appear to be any batting or am I mistaken? your colourful toes!
  14. Bobbin Camera Parts List

    Hi Bonnie, Sent you a U2U. Your Inbox must be filling up quickly! Thanks
  15. Hello, Tried to send a U2U. Hope it went through as it was acting up. I was hoping to purchase the following: Blowing in the Wind Daisy Swirl Dragonfly Pond Flames Popcorn Sunny Day Trellis Vine Wandering Daisies 8"Springtime Flower Meandering Retro Flowers Thanks