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  1. Dawn suggested taking the cardboard off on the inside of the bobbin. I've been doing this for some time and it works.
  2. I've had both and like the M&M best.
  3. Lora, I retired ten years ago from the Feds and never missed a day of it. Occasionally I have a nightmare that I'm back at work. LOL. You'll be amazed how fewer $$$ it takes not having to go to work. I cut my wardrobe down and of course the auto expenses. Loving going to my sewing room everyday.
  4. They sell fabric at your grocery store? LOL
  5. Thanks Terri. Sounds like something to put in a spread sheet. I think I'll try it.
  6. Terry, tell me more about your point system you use to reduce the UFO projects. I threw out a challenge to the members of my guild and provided a bag of goodies for the prize but when it came time to choose the one to win, it was really hard. Ultimately, I went with the one that told the best story behind their UFO. I would like to do this again but need a better method to choose the winner.
  7. Wow, wow, wow............wow!
  8. I just did a quilt like this for one of my customers and did a continuous curve in the hexi's. She had set her into a black background and appliqued a vine in the border. I did a small (not micro) meander in the black. Didn't get any pictures as she is going to bling it up for the quilt show this weekend.
  9. Anyone having problems with the entry form? I entered yesterday and just tried to enter today and was told I could only enter once per day. Looks like the clock didn't reset.
  10. Your quilter looks like one I bought in the 80's and later sold 10 years ago. The original price was $1500 which was a lot of money for me at that time. When I got my Millie. I sold the old machine for $500 just to get it out of my house. Good luck.
  11. Did anyone else get the email with the attachment telling IMQA and MQS are being dissolved? What a disappointment.
  12. The doctor's our touting the 3-D mammogram which most insurance won't cover (Medicare will). It's an extra $60 but well worth the piece of mind.
  13. I hate to be a spoiler but don't be surprised if you have LESS time. Everyone knows you're retired and "have nothing to do". LOL
  14. I have to clean my bobbin finger with each bobbin change.
  15. Keep your elbows at your sides and relax the grip. Do a dry run with only the laser and not stitching. Pick an easy panto without a lot of backtracking or close stitching lines. Save these for later when you're bored with loops and curves. Someone once told me "the panto line is a suggested stitching line". If you're off a little, no one will know except you. Find some mellow music; something that goes the same speed as you quilt. I like Hawaiian music as I hula down the table.