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  1. Beautiful. Love the colours.
  2. You took that tablecloth from ordinary to gorgeous! Beautiful quilting.
  3. You can definitely do ruler work with the hopping foot that is on your machine. The hopping foot that comes standard with our machines is not a true 1/4" all the way around. The very front of it is a tiny bit narrower, the very back is a bit wider; the sides are pretty much 1/4". If you do a lot of SID, you will notice pretty quickly the different distances (and it's a very small difference) your ruler is from the stitching line depending on what side of the hopping foot your ruler is. The new interchangeable hopping feet come with one that is a true 1/4" all the way around. APQS owners have been doing some pretty fabulous ruler work with the standard hopping foot for many years. Just go for it.
  4. If you had a needle break, you might have to check your timing.
  5. Well done! And fast too.
  6. Beauty! Great work.
  7. Beautifully done! Great quilting choices.
  8. Another masterpiece Terry!
  9. Beautiful - colour, fabric choices, quilting designs; love it all!
  10. Beautiful quilt and awesome quilting.
  11. You and your new Millie did an awesome job.
  12. Simply gorgeous.