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  1. Gail O

    Need help getting started

    You got this!
  2. Gail O

    Need help getting started

    SID stabalizes your quilt, so it's a very good idea to do that first. You can do just the area you are working on, or the whole quilt. If you do the whole quilt and will be rolling back and forth, you have to pin (or baste) the unquilted areas - pins a minimum of a hand width apart. For the wavy lines, is there piecing lines that you can use as a guide? If not just give yourself a few registration marks to hit - just a tick mark every 8 - 10 inches or at whatever point you feel that you will be able to quilt to without leaning to one side or the other. Hope this helps. Have fun.
  3. That's awesome Libby! You are much too hard on yourself.
  4. Beauty! Really like your design choices.
  5. Love them! Well deserved ribbons Jeanne.
  6. Can't think of anything other than trying a laundry stain remover (maybe a bit of dissolved oxyclean?) and a very soft tooth brush. Beautiful quilt, quilting and painting.
  7. Love it! Beautiful work Libby.
  8. Ditto all of the above! Outstanding!
  9. Well done. Thanks for sharing some eye candy!
  10. Gail O

    Polyester microfibre as backing

    I think you might have a very hard time getting good tension. Because of the very tight weave (which may not be a weave at all with poly), any stitches that you may have to frog will leave actual holes in the fabric.
  11. Not sure where you are, but in winter our homes tend to be drier. A cotton thread in the bobbin pulls a bit harder than usual; add some cotton batting to that and it really seems to stick. You can alleviate this with a bit of sewer's aid on your bobbin thread.