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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss. Beautiful quilts and congrats on the new Millie.
  2. Bobbin

    Is it a new machine? Have you hit a ruler or broken a needle? Your machine may need to be timed.
  3. Lavender Rose 2

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing your process. Definitely fit for a princess.
  4. Batting

    Quilter's Dream wool is my favourite batting. Great quilting definition, soft, washable, and breathable.
  5. pool noodles for quilts

    You could cover the pool noodle with a sleeve of fabric - old sheets for example - before rolling your quilt around it.
  6. Lavender Rose

    Love what you've done so far. It will definitely be a keepsake.
  7. Awesome job. The cross-hatching really enhances the cross-stitched blocks.
  8. I have only every used poly/wool combination, when double batting. The wool does seem to "suck up" a bit more during the quilting, but not to the extent that you have experienced. It could be that the cotton fiber in your bottom batt is causing the wool to draw in more than normal.
  9. Ghost the diamond shape in the black rectangles. In each resulting chevron row you could do leaf meander or molar feathers. The top and bottom setting triangles could be an arc with whatever you used in the chevrons repeated. I think you will have to quilt something in the white, even if it's just a couple of spaced lines.
  10. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Love it! Awesome quilting!
  11. Lisa(s), is the new hopping foot a true 1/4" or does it still have issues? I have been contemplating this change, but would hate to go to the trouble of changing the shaft, if the new hopping foot isn't the same width all the way around.
  12. First question - with every advance, tug batting layers very gently, and smooth. This is quite a bit easier to do if you float your top. Second question - I think Craftsy has a class by Terri Watson that is a sort of fundamentals of longarming.
  13. Picnic Quilt

    Beauty! It just looks so very cheerful.
  14. How thick is your circle template? If it's 3/8" it might be just a tad too thick when you are going around the back of the hopping foot. Loosen your grip on the circle template just a bit and kind of glide around the curve (if that make any sense at all). Because the hopping foot isn't exactly 1/4" all the way around you sort of have to keep in mind what side you're on when using rulers . . . mumble to yourself thick side when you're on the back and thin side when you're on the very front. Hope this helps.
  15. Is it possible that your bobbin case has been dropped and is ever so slightly bent, causing friction? Try a new bobbin case.