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  1. Hi, This quilt is the last one pieced by a friend's mother who recently passed away suddenly. I told her I'd quilt it for her but I don't know how it would look best. I do some ruler work & a little free motion if custom is used. I'm not a very experienced custom quilter but I can do swirls, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you, Joan
  2. Good morning, I know someone who would like to contract for someone to make a tree skirt for her out of her mother's wedding gown. It is mostly lace. I piece quilts but am not interested as I'm trying to get some of my own things done. If you're interested, pm me and I can get the two of you together. She knows what goes into making quilts and would pay a fair price. Thanks, Joan
  3. Hot Air Balloon quilt

    I like it too! I love hot air balloons too. Joan
  4. NQR More babies!

    Congratulations Heidi! What wonderful news. You'll be busy won't you? Joan
  5. Ribbons and awards from guild show

    Amazing! Very well deserved, congratulations! Joan
  6. Very small but special

    What a wonderful keepsake. Imagine if more people were as thoughtful as you. Joan
  7. Bargello

    I have a lot to learn too. I'm not quilting for others now because it just doesn't pay enough and is more stressful than my day job...not that I won't sometime in the future but I have plenty to do with the job, etc, etc. I digress...I love the design and your quilting. I would've never come up with a design like that. Awesome job! Joan

    I just love this quilt, Dell. I've wanted to tell you that ever since you posted but I had computer troubles. Beautiful! Joan
  9. Using a Towa Gauge for better Tension

    I went a year without one trying to not spend the money, but I found that it is worth having one. Just be sure to set it at the recommended starting point according to the brand of machine you have. Joan
  10. This is crazy but I never had this happen until yesterday. It turned out that my tension wasn't tight enough. I was testing it to be sure all was okay and the straight lines were fine but the first circle I did had nests on the bottom. Just the first one though...after that it straightened out. I'm not suggesting that this is your solution since you're so's just what happened to me. Joan
  11. You'll have it looking great, either by yourself or with your customer. TEAMWORK!! Joan
  12. Where are you Linda Rech?

    I was wondering too but didn't want to ask. Hurry back! Joan
  13. Finished- with pictures

    Very nice Teresa! Joan
  14. Amador county fire

    So glad things are progressing in a good way. Hope that continues and the fire is out soon. Joan