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  1. Love the quilt and the quilting too! So cute!!!!
  2. today it is ugly and rainy with a Northeaster. SO I'm working on my SIL,'s Halloween quilt using the blocks in Jessica;s set. Love how it is working out. Thought you would enjoy! Using Superior's Rainbows thread and no problem with it today. It must be the Rain!!! 20170930_160401 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170930_154450 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
  3. Oh I love this. Wish I still had my mom's old linens!!!!!!!
  4. Dog gone cute

    That is so cute and will it ever be well LOVED!!!!!!
  5. Elephant quilt

    Awesome quilting!!!!
  6. Heidi the twins are so cute. We just had twins (boys) arrive last week and are still in the hospital and doing well. This is the third set in our families! Love all the pictures and look like your beautiful quilts are great hits!!!!
  7. Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter

    Do your homework. See if you can watch someone work on the two programs. I'm sorry to say I am very disappointed in the fact the "promised" updates to Quilt Path have yet to be received after two years of waiting. I love my Quilt Path but would like it to do the things that the update is suppose to do that IQ does.
  8. Clothesline Quilt

    Wow Oh Wow! Love how you quilted this quilt!!!! Amazing!
  9. Christmas in July

    Wow, Terry, you rocked this one. Love the back almost as much as the front!!!!
  10. Look at lavish at Urban Elementz!