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  1. Love it! So pretty!!!!
  2. Oh, so cute~~~~~~!
  3. delld

    Tip of the Day

    Make sure you add the painter tape to prevent you from going crazy and drawing on the quilt. Please don't ask me why I suggest this! LOL
  4. Thank you, Libby. Been so busy making quilts for members of my church and others that are in crisis. There are just too many cancer. I'm not real happy with the new forum either but I do check in every once in a while. Glad to see so many still are here! Happy stitching every one !!!
  5. Thanks, Lisa/ The panel is from Block Party Studios and you can get it with the pattern or without. I love their patterns and use so many for my charity quilts! Here is their site
  6. Our high school youth just painted their class rooms and needed something to brighten it up. I took patterns to them to select from and asked what colors they wanted. They selected "Rejoice" from Block Party studios and want orange, blue, yellow and green. This is what they received in church last Sunday! They really liked it! 20180224_144018-1 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20180224_143136 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
  7. Love the quilt and the quilting too! So cute!!!!
  8. today it is ugly and rainy with a Northeaster. SO I'm working on my SIL,'s Halloween quilt using the blocks in Jessica;s set. Love how it is working out. Thought you would enjoy! Using Superior's Rainbows thread and no problem with it today. It must be the Rain!!! 20170930_160401 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170930_154450 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
  9. Oh I love this. Wish I still had my mom's old linens!!!!!!!
  10. delld

    Dog gone cute

    That is so cute and will it ever be well LOVED!!!!!!