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  1. The borders are being stretched on slightly (or maybe a little more than slightly). I would take off those borders. Since this is going to her grandson, it is probably not a "competing show quilt". Starting with the quilt top on a flat surface pin on the first red border. I think she will find that it is several inches too short as is. After sewing it on make sure it lays perfectly flat and don't even worry about it laying square. Proceed in the same manner with each additional border. In my experience, I've found it's much easier to deal with a border that's too big rather than one that's too small. If your customer is completely out of border fabric, she may have to cut off the outer edge of the body of the quilt to make those borders fit.
  2. I have State Farm and I've been pleased with them.
  3. Thanks Linda. I didn't get any instructions with it. I do have the wheel, one star and two wreath boards.
  4. I suggest you go to topperquilttool.com and send a message and see if the one for the millie, which is the model of longarm I have, also fits the Lenni.  There may be some part you would have to buy for attaching it that's different from the millie.

  5. It's called the Topper and can be found on www.topperquilttools.com (for pics of what it looks like). I don't remember who I bought it from, but I'm thinking it was from someone on the forum years ago. Almost all of my quilting for customers is heirloom type and I've just never used this like I though I would.
  6. I bought a quilt topper tool used when I first started longarm quilting. I've only used it once and don't think I'll use it enough to justify the space it's taking up in my studio. It came with a star template and 2 different size feather wreath templates. I've been on a "decluttering" mission this past year and am only keeping things I use often. I'd love for it to be of use to someone. $50 plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested. Debbie
  7. I love the quilting!...but it needs some quilting in the outer blue border
  8. I like the second design much better also!
  9. Try stitching with another thread on some batik scraps. If there's no breakage then it's the thread. I personally don't have issues with thread breaking when I quilt batiks instead of regular quilting cottons. I know it's annoying dealing with thread breaks.
  10. I quilted many quilts on my old Bernina 930 sewing machine before I purchased my longarm. I used a walking foot and never adjusted the pressure foot tension.
  11. The only thing I could think of would be if a slight amount of blue was peeking out from behind the seam allowance causing the "Shadowing". Maybe the quilt judge was just standing in front of the light causing a shadow. I think it's very beautiful!
  12. I ALWAYS use my stitch regulator, even for small background pebbling. I think it depends on what you are comfortable with. I do a lot of quilting for customers who are entering their quilts in judged shows and I'm sure stitch uniformity is something judges look at.
  13. Beautiful quilting! I have a similar top to quilt. I love how your feathers start small and get large along the spine.