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  1. dlnewell

    Two wallhangings

    I think those feather wreaths would have been difficult to see had they been stitched in matching thread. Great job on both!
  2. dlnewell

    A Day at the Zoo

    What a great idea! I love it!
  3. This happened recently in a town close to where I live. The sister of the deceased quilter went to several quilt guild meetings and set things up. She had it organized into tubs based on color, or theme, and fatquarters. I think some of the fabric was $4 or 5/yard and was nice quality quilt shop fabric. That was one of our guild's "programs", because everyone loves shopping for bargains. Lin...so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hopefully things will work out well for you.
  4. dlnewell


    I agree that the quality of the photo isn't great, but I can still see your quilting. An astute quilt judge and anyone who makes quilts for that matter, should be able to tell that the quilt had been washed. That's one of the pitfalls of quilting for others. Once the quilt leaves your possession, you have no control over how it is cared for. I think your quilting still looks great though.
  5. dlnewell

    Baby quilt

    What a cute quilt!
  6. dlnewell

    Metro Hoops finnish

    Beautiful quilt and quilting. I like that motif...not quite feathers, but more like flower petals.
  7. The fabric is some sort of fairy frost type tone on tone....very opulent looking fabric. I quilted pebbles in the background of each of the blocks.
  8. Here are a few pics of some recent quilts. My customer did a fabulous job piecing a Cleopatra's fan quilt. I used Hobb's wool batting and Metro Pro thread. I stitched the same design in each block, but in some the thread blends too well and you can't see the quilting. The narrow brown border has a leaf type feather and the outer border is curved crosshatching. My photographing ability leaves a lot to be desired. The pinwheel quilt was made by my daughter (pictured) for the woman who has kept her baby for a few hours each week. Yes, that's my first grandbaby, Raylee Grace. All quilting stops when she's around.
  9. I love the forum. When I began my quilting journey with my longarm, I looked at it daily and spent much time reading posts,studying pics. As my quilting abilities developed I began posting pics to get feedback. As I've become busier, it's more difficult to take pics and post. I need to get better about doing that again. I've not really ever looked into FB quilt groups though. Our guild has a member's only FB and that's good for keeping up with what others are doing...but many just post cutesy type quilting photo sayings, etc. I've noticed that others have not posted as many pics too...I just suppose we're all alike like in that we all have things we're involved with other than quilting. Here's mine...my 6 month old granddaughter Raylee.
  10. dlnewell

    String of Pearls

    Fabulous Libby!
  11. dlnewell


    Very NIce Swirls!
  12. dlnewell

    Stitch length adjustment

    I know that there are some screws that can be adjusted on one of the circuit boards on the back of the machine but that should ONLY BE DONE WHILE ON THE PHONE WITH AMY OR ONE OF THE OTHER TECHS FROM APQS OFFICE. Quite a few years ago it seems my stitches weren't of consistent length and there was a measuring process I had to go through. I would first check to make sure your encoder wheels are making good contact and not slipping anywhere. (I also have the non-bliss system).
  13. dlnewell

    Ready to bind!

    She should love it!