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  1. Kudos

    Just wanted to tell all I got great service from APQS factory on my Millie. Thanks for all you do for your customers.
  2. Not sure what you were going to use for the borders but perhaps you could use what is on the 6 inch border all the way around and blend additional design on the other borders as space allows. Would like to know what you decided on in case I have this delima.
  3. Roller Brakes

    I had to do this , just clean off the old and put on new.
  4. Leaders

    I put my red snappers on extra fabric that is sewn to an extra set of zippers. I can change out the zipper with the red snapper or zip on just another zipper.
  5. R&S Boards for Sale

    If you would consider selling one of each board I would be interested in what you would ask for them.
  6. so.....this happened

    Prayers for you to heal quickly. Perhaps a small square with needle turn on it or if you know how to tat, if not you could learn. Otherwise I guess you could catch-up on lots of reading. May not be much help but trying to help time pass quickly till you heal.
  7. It is a peice of thin plexiglass and I put tape around the edges so I stop with the dry erase marker before running off the plexiglass and marking the quilt. I just use a peice of batting to erase what I don't like.
  8. Zippers

    Yep, Lisa showed it perfectly Lizbeth.
  9. Zippers

    I know this has nothing to do with your question but I just wanted to share. I use mostly use red snappers sew onto one set of zippers then the other set of zippers I can use to pin if I need to switch a quilt out for some reason.
  10. Thank you everyone for all the great comments. It is always helpful to have people to bounce ideas off of to find the right direction to make a plan come together.
  11. Well using the second design hopefully the client will like it too. Was told to do whatever I wanted.
  12. Thanks Cagey for your input it brought to light some of things I was dissatisfied with in my design. It is always good to hear others opinions.
  13. Here is another idea I had.
  14. This is one rough idea with ribbon, what do you think?
  15. Very pretty quilt and trying to decide how to quilt. What are your thoughts. Finished quilt.