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    AQS has shows around the country throughout the year. I have been attending the spring show in Paducah, Ky. for a number of years, enjoy it and will be back again next April. The entire town goes quilty during quilt week.
  2. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Love it, and the quilting is perfect!
  3. Thanks, Judy, I have mentioned how much information and inspiration can be found on the forum and expect when life settles down for her she will join the forum.
  4. I have a friend who is selling her sit down Tin Lizzy and she lives in north central Arkansas. I can put her in touch with you if you are interested. She recently bought a George, but she is not on the forum. Today I talked with my friend and her Lizzy has been sold.
  5. Beverly's Bouquet #2

    Libby, you have turned this quilt into spectacular!!!!!
  6. Tension disk troubles

    I finally took the assembly apart and found the reason for the problem was the entire assembly had moved away from the head. When the thread went through the tension disks it was catching on the grooves on the post and breaking. I have not had any tension problems until today so never realized the tension assembly had to be tightened. Lesson learned!
  7. I have been trying to quilt with Invisifil and the thread continually broke. Changed the needle, put silicone on the thread and piece of batting in the first guide, rethreaded and ran thread through one hole above tension disks, and loosened quilt on the frame. Nothing helped and then I found the thread was not pulling easily through the tension disks no matter how much I loosened them. Tried So Fine and had the same problem. The check spring is at 11:00 as it should be so I am wondering if there is something else that I need to do or if I will have to replace the tension assembly. Thanks for your help!

    Gorgeous, Libby, the quilt is stunning. To reduce shadowing I will trim the dark fabric in the seam so it lies below the light fabric.
  9. Pinwheel quilt

    Libby, you turned a simple quilt into a treasure! Lovely!
  10. They are all fabulous and a huge compliment to your technique, creativity and workmanship. You must be busting your buttons!
  11. Oh yes, love these, Libby!
  12. Long arm height

    When I took my beginner class from Dawn I believe she said a comfortable height is at the belly button. Not sure how high the standard table legs will go. You might consider the hydraulic lift since you can adjust the height to suit your current comfort level. Right now my table is at the lowest level it will go - 36" at the backing bar - and I am sitting on a stool and doing SID. When I free motion I raise it to waist high and will occasionally raise or lower a tiny bit to get a different angle for back/arm relief. To test I raised the table to 42" at the backing bar and stopped because I was not comfortable raising it any higher, not sure how much higher it would go.
  13. Future Quilter

    Very cute and how exciting and fun for you to have Little Dell to share your passion for quilting!
  14. Love it! Wishing ribbons for you.
  15. Digitized Designs SALE 50% Discount

    Darlene's designs are still available on the Digitech web site. http://www.digitechpatterns.com/category_s/1844.htm