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  1. Thanks, Vicki! I will try that! Seems like I have tried everything else!
  2. Please help!! My top thread is too loose on top of quilt! The bobbin thread is not showing on top, just the top thread is too loose! What do I need to do? Trying to get a quilt finished before tonight! My machine was stitching perfectly, then I had to wind bobbins and when I re- threaded it went to POT! Had to frog 2 complete rows, and now I cannot get it adjusted! What could it be!!
  3. Hello Cathy! I am new here, also. and haven't posted but twice. I have just been in the background learning all I can! I don't own an APQS either! Let me introduce myself, too, if I may? I retired April 30, 2009, purchased a Tin Lizzie in late June, got her up and running in August and have been practicing and learning ever since. My first quilt to quilt on my Lizzie has a bit of a story behind it! It was my first quilt to piece when I was about 11 years old. I was going to throw it away, but my daughter rescued it from the trash, did some minor repairs on it and had me quilt it on Lizzie as my first quilt! Boy, was I surprised! It actually looks better than I thought it would. It now resides at my daughter's home, but when I learn to post a pic, I will show you! Thanks for letting me post. Forgot to say that I am from Texas! Judy
  4. I am headed to Houston early in the morning. I will be taking my camera and will post pics if I can figure out how!
  5. I have been in the shadows and enjoying this forum, but I cannot believe that a quilter would be so unkind as to make you feel unwelcome! I have enjoyed your comments and feel that you are to be commended for sharing your joy of longarm quilting with others! Please continue to do so! Judy