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  1. This is so cute and your works looks really good!
  2. These are so cool. Is there instructions somewhere for making them?
  3. Baby quilt

    Wow, this is just too cute! Beautiful.
  4. Cross for Comfort

    Beautiful quilt!
  5. I've actually done it both ways. I quilted over my embroidery blocks however went a little slower when hitting those spots. The first time I did this, I stopped quilting at the embroidery, tied off and started again after it - a lot of work. On the next quilt I just quilted over them and I actually liked it better. I think it's important to pick out the right color of thread as that can make all the difference. I think it will be personal preference.
  6. I recently purchased some design boards from R & S Design. Their customer service is amazing! This was my first purchase and I will be getting more in the near future. No affiliation with them - just a very happy customer.
  7. EQ 8

    Does EQ8 work on a Mac?
  8. I use a car cover and it works great. Covers not only Millie but the full table. Keeps the dust off everything. When not in use, the cover has a built in bag so you just stuff it in the attached back, zip it up and easy storage.
  9. Questions on Quilt Backing

    Yes, my embroidered blocks are completed already on the top and I'm planning on basting the top, batting and backing together on my longarm then removing it to complete the embroidered quilt designs in the blank spaces. I wasn't clear that these last embroidered areas are embroidered quilt designs which will show on the top and back - just as if they were quilted on the longarm. It's a technique to learn how to place designs centered in the open areas of the quilt. Hope this clears it up. Thanks!
  10. Questions on Quilt Backing

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't use long vertices when basting however I assume it's because if you do many of these down the quilt, it will "move" the quilt in that direction(?) Maybe ffq-lar can chime in on this one.
  11. Questions on Quilt Backing

    Thanks so much for the pattern grid for basting - I'll give that a try with your thread recommendation. In looking at the quilt a center seam will miss any seams however it will go down the middle of the 6 inch center block embroidery on the front. The instructions call for no quilting in the embroidery blocks which are 6 inches square. Seems like a lot of space with no quilting or stitch in the ditch around them. The embroidered blocks are surrounded on each corner by 1/4 drunkard paths with two points meeting on each corner - guess that's why no stitch in the ditch because the full block would be the embroidery plus the drunkard paths.
  12. I just finished a class on making a machine embroidered quilt top - the top is complete. The quilt is to be quilted using machine embroidery also - placement techniques, etc. I usually quilt with my longarm however I wanted to learn more about placing designs centered in blocks, etc. so will follow the class instructions. The recommendation is to make the quilt back using 3 pieces, center with two sides. I'm thinking about just doing a center seam on the backing and go with that. Is there any real reason to do a three piece backing? Most everyone in class will be pinning their quilts. I'd like to load mine on the longarm and either pin there or just baste the top, batting and backing together so I can complete the quilting with the embroidered designs on my other machine. I have never basted a top on the longarm before so would I baste diagonally across the quilt, vertically or horizontally and how far apart should they be? Will the stitching be easy to remove when I've finished the embroidered quilt designs or would pinning be better? Thanks for any feedback as I'm trying to make this as easy as possible.
  13. Does this mean the bulb will just plug right into the existing fixture on my 2005 Millennium?
  14. wavey zippers

    My zippers are also wavy and am wondering why and how to fix them.
  15. The forum is live!

    I also have a question on the new forum - is there some way to change how the messages are displayed? I see a new line for each response to a thread. On the old forum we would see one line with all responses in a the thread - that's what I want. How do I change it to receive one line per thread no matter how many responses occur?