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  1. I haven't tried the Warm Co 80/20, but I do have some of the Warm Co. warm & plush batting. It's probably twice the thickness of warm & natural, no scrim so it needs to be quilted a little closer. I absolutely love it, it's thick, soft and drapey. I bought it from Joanns online, 1/2 off and free shipping.
  2. Carrie, Can you move your single front roller to the "top" roller location so you'd be closer to your work and not have such a big open space. You'd need to have the quilt top roll off of the bottom of the bar, then it wouldn't be so high. That would also reduce the reach to the back, which I totally understand, I'm 5'1". My Lenni has about 2-1/2" inches from the needle to the bar when the machine is all the way forward, but I have all the bars on. I just reread your post and now I get it Is it possible to order new roller arms from APQS that do not have the holes in them yet? Then you could have the holes drilled on the arms for just the one roller - lower and closer. I have an older Lenni and the roller arms are solid with the exception of the holes for the rollers. I see the newer machines have a big cut out.
  3. Jeanne, First off - congratulations!! I have a pretty good idea how you're feeling. I've worked at the University of Idaho for over 26 years, I'll be 56 this month and I'm retiring on May 31st. I am so excited I can hardly sit still. It's kinda scary and really exciting all at the same time.
  4. Mary Beth I used to work with a woman that "went to the gym" one or two nights a week, after work. What she really did was shop at the mall and her purchases were transported into the house via gym bag. Also back in the days before debit cards when we all used checks I had a friend that would write the name of a specific grocery store in place of the quilt shop. She didn't shop at that grocery store so knew exactly what the purchases were but she passed all audits from her hubster .
  5. I had a Gammill Classic on 12' table for about 16 years. I sold the Gammill and bought a used Lenni on a 10' bliss table. I love this little machine on the 10' table. It's a simple but amazing quilting machine and the smaller machine on a smaller table are just exactly what I wanted. If I were buying a new Lenni I would definitely get the Bliss table.
  6. Dave, Both the Singer 301 and Pfaff 1475 are great sewing machines. If you think you might need a zigzag stitch, blanket stitch or anything more than straight stitch, take the 1475. I've owned both of the machines you're considering and personally I love the Pfaff dual feed, for piecing, sewing garments - for everything. The 1475 has the low bobbin indicator and needle up/down feature, gotta love those modern conveniences.
  7. Congratulations Barb, that's great news!! Good for you, but even better for all of us in the Pacific NW. I'm going to start thinking about a road trip, have you got a date for your grand opening ??
  8. Here's a website that sells decals for your machine.
  9. Hi Anna, My Lenni is on a 10' table. I am loving the small table and the compact, simple Lenni. Renee'
  10. Gail, I recently bought a used Lenni and I bought a Rulermate extended base. I leave the extended base on all the time. It doesn't reduce my quilting space at all, the back of the throat hits the bar before the extended base makes contact with the front roller. If you're interested, here's the website . I absolutely love my Lenni on the Bliss table, it's lightweight and the perfect size for me. Renee'
  11. You might want to check and make sure you won't need additional insurance coverage if you have people in your studio for an extended time, using your equipment. Just something to think about.
  12. Does anyone know when APQS started putting the horizontal wheels on the Lenni? I just sold my Gammill Classic and and I'm thinking I might want a used Lenni. Thanks, Renee'
  13. Marsha, Have you tried the Oxo good grips clips. I found them locally, but here's a link to Amazon. They're easy to open, grip really well, have holes to attach velcro and they're inexpensive. I love 'em. Renee'
  14. Shana, Do you have a Bernina? There are binders for different sizes of binding and different machines on Ebay. Here's one for a Bernina Renee'
  15. Fran, Here's a web site that specializes in western fabrics. Renee'