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  1. We put the replacement wheels on last night only to discover one of the new wheels was defective, I am hopeful a replacement will be sent soon. We put one of the old ones back on so I can still quilt and wow what a difference, I almost need to practice again my machine floats again as it should. The change was so gradual I guess I had gotten used to muscling through my jobs!
  2. I beleive that it's recommended not to clean the M&M wheels with alcohol only the rails. The alcohol was recommended for the older wheels though.
  3. If there are future quilts I would pay close attention to how her borders are laying and if they are full offer to fix them. I often give my older customers extra services.
  4. Depending on your thread source they may replace a bad cone, one of the reasons I love dealing with Superior is that a couple of times it has been the thread and they have rushed me a replacement nocharge!
  5. Several years ago, after too many backs having issues, I began piecing my customers backs no charge. (just the ones with yardage) My customers love this and I end up with perfectly straight backs which saves me a ton of time and stress. I handle my wide backs the same way Linda Stellar does.
  6. My question is, is this APQS approved for the older Millies? How challenging is it to install?
  7. I agree, your work is stunning!!
  8. I used one of the frixion pens to mark one of my customer quilts this winter, tons of freehand. I took it to a friends studio to show her my work and despite having ironed them off they had all returned so we pressed it again when I got home they were back. It was more than -30C which was the reason. I pressed the marks off again before my customer picked up her quilt. I told her how I marked it and told her that the marks would return if the quilt is in the cold. I am not sure that I will use them on a customer quilt again considering our climate. I would also worry that if a quilt were shipped to a show on a plane that it might be cold enough for the marks to return. So I am pretty Leary of these pens now.
  9. Been there, I called and Amy talked me through re timing my machine and all was well...sure was stressful though. Now I leave a towel laying on the cabinet I have sitting under my table.
  10. I wear lined crocks as I quilt in a basement on carpet but up here in NW Ontario is gets super cold in the winter so the floor can be cold. In the summer I might be barefoot for a bit but not the best for my back.
  11. I have shared my story in the business section, long story short...get everything in writing when dealing with a LQS ESP one local to me. I would also never do a second job before being paid in full for the next. Stay professional get all business related dealings in writing and signed. I ended up having to take this woman to court which was a huge pain and stressful. She hired a lawyer in the end and finally made me an offer which was close to my target. She had to pay a Lawyer, I wrote the rest off as a loss.
  12. I order my Hobbs rolls from Kingsmen Quilting the new owner has been great their prices are low as is the shipping. Might be worth looking into.
  13. I have been thinking of adding the info in a hidden place, your story reaffirms the need to. Thanks for sharing. I too am always shocked at what some people will do.
  14. Barn is cool! I've always loved barns. But this year I really did get the desire of my heart, an engagement ring
  15. Super cute I will have to try to find the pattern, I have a couple of grandsons who would love this quilt!