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  1. Love them both, both look so proud and beautiful. You really did an outstanding job on them both. I can see where you won the ribbons. Well deserved.
  2. Shana, can't see your bleed in the pictures, and I don't have any advice for that, but looks like the others has solved it for you. I just wanted to say how very beautiful your quilt is. I love it and the quilting you did is beautiful also. Wish you lots of luck on getting out the stains.
  3. Tip of the Day

    Don't ask me either Dell.
  4. Tip of the Day

    Love your idea Carol. I always have a hard time trying to decide what to do on a quilt. I don't do very much customer work any more, but still have a few for family and friends. Thanks for the tip.
  5. You did an outstanding job on quilting that one Libby. I love it, its a beautiful quilt.
  6. Oh My Dell, that is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen that pattern before, Its all just so beautiful and you did a surpurb job on it. Way to go.
  7. Beautiful quilt, and the quilting is great.
  8. quilting templates

    There are several places on the web you can purchase quilting templates, just make sure you are getting 1/4" thick to use with your quilting machine. to name a few, you can check out these: There are lots of others as well.
  9. Turned out really, really nice. Love how it looks. The quilting is great on this quilt. Love the pattern you chose for your scrappy.
  10. Before and After pics

    Very nice work Tammy, you did an outstanding job. It all looked so perfect I thought you might have a computer. Its beautiful.
  11. Turned out beautiful. Your CrossHatch, ruler work looks great. Good job.
  12. Before and After pics

    Oh my that is beautiful. You are really creative. Do you have a computer on your machine? Either way its beautiful work.
  13. What a cute quilt your working on. I love little sun bonnets. Your straight edge is looking great.
  14. Some client quilts

    Very nice. Really like the Gray one.
  15. Metro Hoops finnish

    Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting.