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  1. That turned out beautiful.
  2. Oh No, so sorry to see this. Praying for a fast recovery. Looks very painful.
  3. Wow, amazing work Terry. Love how you quilted it. I am sure your mother will love it too. Love your doodles too. Don't see how you do some of the work you do.
  4. Wow, can't wait to see them. Know your majic will make them shine.
  5. Terry, I love your purple elephant quilts. This one, of course, turned out perfecty. Its absolutely beautiful. Great work.
  6. How exciting, your work on this quilt is beautiful and the ribbon was well deserved. Great Job.
  7. I love all if those quilts Heidi, the giraffe quilts are perfect and your quilting on them is super great. The pictures of the twins was really enjoyable to look at. I can see how adorable and cute they really are. I am so very glad Landon is doing good. I am still praying for him knowing he is still going through a lot. By the way, thank you so much for getting me on QD Wool. I know you did not know you had done that, but after reading your post back several years, I tried it, and will always order it. I still have some QD Puff, which you told me about many moons ago, and I still like it, but the wool is really hard to beat.
  8. That is great. Lucky you, to be able to have your grands there to help get them started.
  9. Very Nicely done Vicki. I love the borders and sashing. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting.
  10. I really like how you put those blocks together and the scene it created. Your quilting really makes it shine. Great job.
  11. Connie, I'm so glad the stain came out. The quilt and quilting is absolutely beautiful. Nicely done.
  12. Cathy, the quilt and the quilting are beautiful. Your niece is a lucky girl to get this one. I love it too. Great job.
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Your quilting really shows this Poinsettia how to live, you brought it to life as Cagey said. The back is as beautiful as the front. Excellent quilting.
  14. Leann, you did a great job on this lovely quilt. Beautiful quilting. I can see where your customer was happy about how you quilted this one.