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  1. tootsquilts

    93 Year old's Last quilt

    What Connie said.
  2. tootsquilts

    "Flight Path" is finally done!

    Really truly outstanding. It is really beautiful.
  3. tootsquilts

    English Paper Piecing

    Corey, I like your paper piecing hexagons you have finished. Love how you quilted it too. Nicely done. Know your glad to get them done, since it took you over several years. I'm tired just thinking about it. By the way, I like the quilt under the hexagon one too.
  4. Congratulations on your new grandbaby. So glad he is home and doing well.
  5. tootsquilts

    Three New Quilts

    Love all these quilts Eric, and also how you loaded the two quilts. I have only done that once, and thought it was a bugger to do.
  6. tootsquilts

    A Day at the Zoo

    Libby, I love this animal quilt and your backgrounds for each is right on. I would have never came up with what you done on this quilt. Outstanding job and very creative.
  7. tootsquilts

    Farmer's Wife Quilt

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful. I really love the border too. What wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.
  8. tootsquilts

    Carolina Lily work in progress

    Really beautiful quilting Teresa. Love it. I have not tried the FB page, but will.
  9. tootsquilts

    Two new QoV quilts

    Love the quilts Eric. Really , really like the binding. I had to save the tutorial, just in case I got the nerve to try that. I think its beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.
  10. Love them both, both look so proud and beautiful. You really did an outstanding job on them both. I can see where you won the ribbons. Well deserved.
  11. Shana, can't see your bleed in the pictures, and I don't have any advice for that, but looks like the others has solved it for you. I just wanted to say how very beautiful your quilt is. I love it and the quilting you did is beautiful also. Wish you lots of luck on getting out the stains.
  12. tootsquilts

    Tip of the Day

    Don't ask me either Dell.
  13. tootsquilts

    Tip of the Day

    Love your idea Carol. I always have a hard time trying to decide what to do on a quilt. I don't do very much customer work any more, but still have a few for family and friends. Thanks for the tip.
  14. You did an outstanding job on quilting that one Libby. I love it, its a beautiful quilt.
  15. Oh My Dell, that is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen that pattern before, Its all just so beautiful and you did a surpurb job on it. Way to go.