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  1. Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    Dell, the quilting your doing is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.
  2. Slice-a-Block

    Love both of them, Libby. The detailed work on the wall hanging is beautiful as well as the panto on the big quilt. Lovely.
  3. Lavender Rose

    Eric, looking beautiful. I love what your are doing to the center, with Bethanne Nemesh's "Nemeshing", if that is what I am seeing. Looking forward to seeing the finish product. Your Great Granddaughter will surely keep as a keepsake, I am sure she will love it.
  4. Bedford Springs

    What a beauty. I love this quilt and you really made it shine with your quilting. Outstanding job.
  5. Scrappy nine patch

    Oh WOW Libby, I love this quilt, what a great job you did with the quilt and the quilting. Love you border. Lovely.
  6. Day at the lake quilt

    Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. You and George did a wonderful job.
  7. my first quilt on george

    Great Job. The quilt and quilting are wonderful. Looks like you and George are going to make a great friendship together.
  8. Pink Halloween Quilt

    The quilt is absolutely fabulous and the quilting is perfect too. I love everything about it. Great Job.
  9. Dog gone cute

    Really cute, the bone border is really nice.
  10. Maggie Town

    They are absolutely adorable, both of them. Love the quilting on them too, perfect.
  11. mommy and me

    I love it, turned out so cute. Your quilting is perfect for this one. The yellow and gray are lovely together.
  12. Picnic Quilt

    Very nice. I love how it turned out. Thanks for the answer. I will try to find that, may have it.
  13. Picnic Quilt

    Beautiful quilt. The quilting is lovely. I really like your pattern. Is it one of your own patterns?
  14. Iris quilt

    What a beauty. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting and what an awesome story. Great you will have a longarm quilting buddy.
  15. Surf Song Bargello

    Oh how beautiful. I too, thought of water movement when I seen it. Love the panto. All goes together so well. Great Job.