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  1. quote from "Farris Bueller's Day Off" ........ "Anyone? anyone?" Thanks for looking! Sylvia
  2. I use SF101, Shape-Flex fusible 100% cotton, purchased at Joann's for stabilizing the backs of t-shirts.
  3. I am in search of the Undeniably Crazy Quilt book by Buggy Barn. If you have a copy I could buy that would be great. If you have a copy that I can borrow that would also be great. Thanks in advance! Sylvia
  4. Prayers and heartfelt sympathy to Roland and his family. I was blessed to be able to contribute to her quilt. May Roland find peace and strength in her beautiful quilt.
  5. Is it too late to put the date on the label?
  6. Betsy, you are my hero! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty... if there was a Quilting Medal of Honor, you'd get! What a fabulous job you have done ... I'm speechless ... ...
  7. I will do one block. Sylvia
  8. I will do one block. Great idea! Sylvia
  9. you know, it's been said that the FBI/CIA etc., can tell a lot about a person just looking at their checkbook ... mine is Publix grocery stores and fabric shops ... having said that, if they would just combine the two I'd be in Heaven!!! One-stop shopping! Groceries, fabric ... groceries, fabric ...
  10. andrea, I have sent you a PM. Thanks!
  11. My favorite is Filtec glide called Chestnut. Love love love this color. Looks great on a lot of traditional type fabrics. Also, filtec Sand. And both have the prewound bobbins! Woo woo!!!
  12. I was beginning to think I was the only one out here who uses zippers! I love them. I sit and "listen" to a tv program while pinning the backing to the zippers. I float my tops so don't use that third zipper. Haven't really had a lot of problem with getting stuck by a pin ... knock on wood ... love being able to remove quilt when I need to work on a "rush" job.
  13. Just in case you're like me and have been a bit busy and not keeping up with the Accuquilt people. There is now a conversion kit available for the original Studio cutter which makes it somewhat portable but also makes it easier to put away when not in use. How long has this been out, I ask myself ... anyway ... It is originally $199 but is on sale for $99.00 plus free shipping and I think the sale ends today ... ok, better late than never, right? The reviews are very good on this kit. I love my studio cutter. When I have to cut a mass of pieces I am so glad I have it. It has really saved me some time and energy. Sylvia