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  1. Business Name

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Rulers

    I'm getting my new Millie after Christmas. What are some rulers and ruler brands that are must haves?
  3. I have my tax id numbers and am trying to register my business. The problem is I can't think of a name for my business. Help! I'm asking for ideas. Thanks.
  4. MQS 2010 - Are you going?

    I'm going and this will be my first time. I've only had my Millennium since Dec. I've already booked the Sheraton from the 10th - 15th and my airfare. I'm very excited about the classes I've registered for and hope to learn lots. I can't wait to meet people and see all the new things. Hope to see you there.
  5. I just received my new Millennium today. I'm so excited and can't wait to start playing with it. Just want to thank Heidi for all her help.