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  1. Love these. That binding is really nice, but I know I would never take the time to do it. lol
  2. Love it. Went to FB but I couldn't see the quilting because the pictures showed too small.
  3. Used pantographs

    yes, list them with a price, under pictures forum
  4. NQR...New Addition

    Adorable. Just think you now have a use for orphan blocks. Just bind them and give them to Bitzie.
  5. T-shirt quilt

    Watch out for the sticky lettering on some of the shirts. They would gum my needle and then I'd throw the needle away. But, Barb Mayfield said she just cleans hers in alcohol and reuses it. I have better success with a 4.5 needle with my Millenium.
  6. When I see beautiful pieces like yours, I wonder what quilt could beat them. They're simply gorgeous. Congratulations.
  7. Just stunning, Dell. I wondered why I haven't seen anything from you in awhile even on FB. I know they've changed something that's irritated many of us.
  8. My customer pieced this quilt using a pattern from the book GARDEN STITCHES by Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings. She named the quilt. Because of her unique background, I had some trouble quilting this. She didn't want stippling, just a mixture of feathers and spirals etc. She gave me Warm and Natural and I used So Fine and Bottom Line. Garden Stitches by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches or Blossoms, Bees and Bugs by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches by Lisa Bongean by Libby G, on Flickr
  9. Tip of the Day

    I google the quilt and hope that someone else has already quilted it. If not, I punt!
  10. See, when you're creative you can come up with a beautiful quilting design. This is just wonderful. I love the way you outlined some items inside and then the border design is just genius.
  11. I love making scrappy quilts because I can't stand to keep scraps. But, really, Ann, you can make any quilt look gorgeous, so scrap away.
  12. I'm always amazed at the beautiful patterns the computers can do, but not enough to buy one myself. LOL I love the designs you chose.
  13. I had to laugh when you said you'd figure it out by the end. I'm always doing that. Over halfway through I'll finally find a faster way to do the blocks. Better late than never. You have a lot of work in this one and it shows.
  14. Metro Hoops finnish

    You've done a very creative design with the IQ. Freehanding that would take forever.
  15. That's a lot of quilting for minimal quilting so I hope you were paid for it. I've always liked McT and you've done a beautiful job.