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  1. What a wonderful thing that both of you did! I don't quilt very fast either and find that listening to the audio books makes the time go faster.
  2. I'm not so sure I could've quilted that pantograph with the precision you used. Great job.
  3. Love the colors in the quilt and you chose a perfect pattern for it.
  4. Nice to see that your quilting again. Love the colors in the quilt and I'm sure the feathers are just fine.
  5. It's great to see that she's fearless and just jumps right in and quilts. It's a beautiful block and she should be very proud of her work.
  6. Deciding on a Pantograph Size

    Anne Bright designs told me most quilters buy in the 10 to 12 inch range. I have smaller pantos for wall hangings, and I've bought bigger ones thinking I'd get the work done faster. LOL But she's right that range is a pretty good size.
  7. Loyal customers. ???

    We have a quilt store in my area that only does meandering on any type of quilt, even beautiful ones. Her customers only want cheap, and she charges a penny an inch. She bought an advante with prostitcher and rarely uses it. They know my work is beautiful and have asked for a card, and I clearly tell them custom is more expensive, but I rarely charge more than 4 cents an inch. I do pantos for 1.5 to 1.75 because we have so many other quilters in this area. A very good friend of mine charges $100 for a light custom queen size. She's a dear and needs the money. Her turn around time can be a year, but her customers don't care because of the price. Since this is more of a hobby for me, my attitude is, "Pay what I ask or go somewhere else." I'm not giving away my time. Do you have a website to attract customers from out of your area who would appreciate your work and pay you for it? I've seen quilters advertise on FB under the group quilters classified as quilting pantographs for 2 cents an inch including batting. A suggestion would be to choose pantos you would do for 1.5 cents an inch. Simple ones that look nice, but can be done faster and not take up as much time for you. I hope you do get those customers back.
  8. I just had a new customer, but I've known her for years, bring me three quilts. The first was the baby quilt MOMMY AND ME, the second was a 3 D pinwheel quilt called, simply pinwheel again? No way to do a pantograph around all those pinwheels, the third quilt was a large 3D bowtie quilt. There were 96 blank blocks, six inches, where she wanted a feather wreath with the center unquilted so she could sew something there. She wanted the pinwheels blocks to have quilting in the flat space. I gave her quotes for all three quilts and she kept saying, OH, it doesn't matter. I ended up charging her 3 cents an inch for all the free motion quilting. As we know, it was a bargain. When I called her to pick up the quilts, she just had knee surgery so she sent her husband. My sister had a frozen loaf of banana bread to give her. When her husband came, I could tell he was upset with the price, but he didn't say anything. I still had another quilt to do for her and he asked for it back. She never called to thank us for the bread or to comment on the beautiful quilting job. It was upsetting to me and took me a week to get over it. But all my friends kept telling me it was a bargain and she didn't deserve a refund. I just realized I couldn't control her reaction, but I could control mine. We had talked about entering her quilts in the upcoming quilt show and she was excited about it. But I just left it go.
  9. Need help managing my business

    Dawn Cavanaugh said you can always spend forever quilting, or charge the going rate, quilt less and still earn decent money. So Debbie has the right idea.
  10. Betsy, pm the address. Rita was on the forum all the time and he is probably lonely. Thank you once again for taking charge of making the quilt.
  11. When I use two layers of batting, I always gently pull the bottom layer and put my hand under the quilt top to make sure it is straight. Then I do the top batting layer. I went to MQX and took many classes. It's probably not very convenient for you, but you can always ask on the forum or facebook. Many times it was a trial and error. At one point, I told myself I should write a book on WHAT NOT TO DO when longarming.
  12. Marci, they are the nicest memory quilts I've seen. I'm sorry you lost your brother so soon, but I'm sure there quilts will always bring fond memories to everyone. Congratulations on your upgrade!
  13. My customer loves to applique using reproduction fabrics. The first quilt is called Flowers for Carol. She won a blue ribbon in the Bedford quilt show for small applique wall hangings. The second quilt was just finished. She likes warm and natural batting. I used Bottom line on the top and the bottom in the crosshatching. Flowers for Carol by Libby G, on Flickr Flowers for Carol (2) by Libby G, on Flickr applique by Libby G, on Flickr
  14. Customer Star Quilt

    I have that pantograph and haven't used it. Thanks for showing how lovely it looks on a quilt.
  15. loop in stitched random

    I had the same thing happen and Jim is correct, you have to tighten the top tension. If I can't get the thread to work, I just put it on the back. Sometimes it's a hit or miss. But I do have a piece of bating up there, too.