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  1. This was a back up machine, very low hours. and this is on an original Millie table (metal) with the Bliss system/ hydraulic lift, motorized fabric advance. The Lucy has a 26" throat space and stitch regulator. The table has overhead wiring/lighting. The price includes the Hartley Circle maker and base extender with rulers, the horizontal and vertical spool holders, turbo bobbin winder, zipper system, pattern grid and many more goodies. Retail value for all the above would be just at $19,000, asking $12,900.00 and can't ship. I'm located in So Calif. so must be picked up. Contact me at: hmastro@dc.rr.com or 760.325.2542
  2. 2014 Lucey W/Bliss system** SOLD**

    Great. I'll work up a price..
  3. 2014 Lucey W/Bliss system** SOLD**

    Sue, Where are you located ? It's a 2014 and it's on a 12' table, which was my orig Millie deluxe table with hydro lift and power motor adavnce and lot's of other goodie,. give me a call if you would like to talk 760.325.2542 I haven't calculated a firm price yet. Hester
  4. 2014 Lucey W/Bliss system** SOLD**

    Debbie, Sorry I didn't realize you're were responding to the old Jan post..that machine was sold but I have my Lucey that I am considering selling.. Hester. AND I entered my eamil incorrectly... it's hmastro@dc.rr.com..
  5. 2014 Lucey W/Bliss system** SOLD**

    Hi Debbie, Where are you located? The table is a Millie table vintage 2001, but the Lucey I got new in Feb 2014.. the table is 12 ft with motorized fabric advance and Hydraulic lift system and of course the Bliss. Shipping the head is easy, it's packaging the table and the poles that's the tricky part and I don't have a clue how much it would cost or would would do it. The Lucey I purchased because I'm a rep and was only used occasionally as I have a 2014 Millie also. If you would like to call me tomorrow my number is 760.325.2542 Hester
  6. My elderly customer just passed last week and her daughter needs to sell her Lucey as she doesn't have room at her home. This machine has less than 20 hrs usage, as right after the lady purchased her health took a turn for the worst, 20 hrs may be a high estimate. It has the Bliss system and she has the Hartley base extender and rulers and a few other goodies she would include.. She is asking $9,700. and the machine is located in Palm Desert, Calif. You may contact me directly if you are interested.. hmmastro@dc.rr.com
  7. I've recently added Quilt Path to my machine and I'm now releasing more pantos for sale.. I'm selling them for $7.00 each, some of these are brand new designs that I had just acquired, (please do not ask me if I will sell for less) purchased for $16.00 or more each. I have several novelty/theme and holiday pantos.. this is a great opportunity to get this at less than 1/2 price.. nice for pantos you don't use all the time. PLEASE contact me direct at hmastro@dc.rr.com and I' will send you a complete list of what I have for sale. If you reply to this post I probablyt won't see it..so again contact me direct. I have lots of rulers and stencils if anyone is interested in those also.

    #1 worst bearding batting is Warm & Natural/Warm & White not much you can do to keep it from bearding, I know as I have tried everything and I have been doing this for 16 years.. I always warn my customers when they bring it, that it will probably have bearding... To get rid of it..put the quilt in the dryer on AIR ONLY with about 4 new tennis balls for at least 30 mins, might have to do longer..but it will remove a lot of the bearding,,
  9. Pantos, Pantos, Pantos for sale

    I think I read that in the QP user group.. I only have 2 pantos from her...but they are 2 of my go to pantos so I will be checking..but I have sold a bunch of my pantos, so happy with all the response..
  10. I have just taking the leap and purchased Quilt Path.. I have over 250 pantos and would like to sell some of them..not all because I also have a Lucey..but don't need this many anymore..A large portion are from Urban Elementz, have a lot of specially pantos..paid $16 - $18 each, would like to sell for about $7. anyone interested can call me or email me... hmastro@dc.rr.com or 760.325.2542
  11. Ditto...There is basically only one thing that is bad for ultrasuede, that is HEAT it's a synthetic.so do use a pressing cloth if you need to iron..
  12. This is what I did today

    That looks fabulous, very artsy and abstract looking..it's perfect on that quilt!!
  13. Monolon tension??

    I only use monolon for SID..it's just not a top thread of choice or as I refer to it...fishing line.
  14. Printed center panels and borders

    You can do both, E2E or outline either way I HATE PANELS!!!!:mad:
  15. I use Hobbs 80/20 exclusively and the only time I have ever had some pokies is with a black backing and a cheap loose weave fabric. I do however ALWAYS have a problem with Warm & Natural and always give the customers a warning when they bring it. Now to your problem.. I would NEVER wash a customers quilt but this has worked for me.. put the quilt in the dryer with NO Heat and put in 3 - 4 tennis balls and tumble for 30 - 40 minutes, that usually knocks a lot of the batting off. GOOD LUCK and do not do it for free it wasn't your fault!!