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  1. Wanting circle lord boards

    Tyrahansen@aol.com thank you
  2. Wanting circle lord boards

    Thank you. Will wait to hear from you tomorrow
  3. I am looking to purchase gently used circle lord design boards. Prefer queen size. Email me if you have any you are ready to part with. Thank you
  4. Circle lord boards

    Which circle lord boards do you still have available? Thank you
  5. Beautiful quilt and quilting!
  6. Custom quilting - Kim Diehl pattern

    Gorgeous quilting!
  7. Recent finish

    You talked me into doing custom on this quilt. . This quilt is for me so it is the perfect opportunity for me to practice and hopefully improve my skills. Thank you for the encouragement!
  8. my new toy

    Very nice!
  9. Here is my most recent quilt top finished. I recently purchased the swirls Circle Lord boards and was going to quilt this top using that design, but am second guessing that. There are a lot of open spaces to quilt. I would need to use a stencil as I'm not good at freehand feathers, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  10. NQR- prayers and good wishes needed

    Prayers answered. Sorry you had to go through the stress of waiting to find out. You deserve some new fabric!!
  11. "Our" MQX Blue Ribbon Winner!!

  12. Circle Lord boards

    Thank you Oma!
  13. I recently purchased a set of Circle Lord boards and am wondering if I need to put any type of non-slide tape or something on the back of them. I have the standard table for the Millenium. I had to order the stylus and am trying to quickly finish this quilt I am working on so I can try out the design boards. Thank you for your help!