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  1. Magna glide classic bobbins

    I greatly appreciate the kind words about our bobbins. I also noted that there are several comments requesting that we add more colors.. We can consider doing this, but we need specific feedback on what colors to add as in samples of the color to match, or simply by trying to match our glide thread name as closely as possible. When adding colors, we also have to make each bobbin color in style's "L" and "M". I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Magna-Glide Classics

    Great idea to post a link from our site!!!
  3. Magna-Glide Classics

    That was a mistake on my part!
  4. We are now offering the "Magna-Glide Classic Basic Kit" of bobbins. This kit consists of a box of the following...white, black, cream, light tan, light grey, and lead grey. The kit is on discount this month on bobbin central. Thank you.
  5. Hi Janette, I just tried to email you from the address we have at bobbin central. It came back to me as "undeliverable." Please contact me @ . Chris
  6. 100-denier bonded nylon is a single-end filament that does not have twist. It is ribbon-like. "Bonded" simply means that a coating is applied to the thread that holds it together, and helps protect it from abrasion and needle heat along with the lubricant.
  7. I want to make sure that all are clear as to what we are trying to do at Fil-Tec, Inc./Bobbin Central. #1 - We have wound some samples of polyester monofilament, and it is being tested as we speak. Assuming that it works well, I hope to have finished stock available by March. #2 - We offer a bonded nylon (NOT MONOFIL) that is very very fine to the comforter industry. We offer this nylon yarn as a bobbin thread. I had an idea a few weeks ago that it could make a good alternative to monofilament because is very fine, non-shiny, has high-temp resistance, will sew much better than monofil, etc...I had some of this bobbin thread wound on a king spool, and we sent this out for testing, along with some of the same yarn on ready-wound L bobbins with a 175 yds/bobbin. We even make this product in colors, but it is NOT monofilament. I personally think it could be a great alternative to Monofilament and the Bottom Line...
  8. Hi, Many of you have mentioned in the past having interest in purchasing polyester Monofilament thread on a regular spool. We are working on this, and it should be available fairly soon. On another note, we produce a high-yardage nylon "L" bobbin for single needle quilting - comforters. This bobbin is ued by companies such as Springs, Dan River, West-Point Stevens, etc.. I think that this bobbin may be a great alternative to poly monofilament bobbins as it is very fine, (175 yds/bobbin) has heat temp resistance of 480 degrees F, is dull in color, and actually buries itself in the fabric. It will sew much better than any monofilament. For a limited time, we will be sending out samples to those who request them, and to those who can test them quickly while providing feedback. Please contact us with your information here, or email me @ - I believe that white, and the neutral colors will blend very well into just about any fabric type or color.
  9. We now have stock on 10 colors to go along with our white and black Classics. All colors are now up on the site @ These colors include great blending neutrals, as well as popular bright colors. All colors are available in style "L" and "M". Thank you for your interest. These bobbins are made from a different/finer polyester yarn size, and offer more yds per color than our Magna-Glide "Delights". Your voices have been heard! Chris
  10. Fil-Tec seeks to constantly improve our Glide top thread. We have recently manufactured "color# 24525-Khaki" utilizing an improved process. Internal testing indicates that this product has very special, consistent stitch formation combined with unprecedented strength. In fact our engineers think this product is "sew" good it may never break. We like to dream big, and are looking for a few sew testers to validate (or not) our hope of creating the ultimate thread that never stops sewing.. We would appreciate hearing from those who have interest in putting it through abusive, high-speed testing. Samples are limited, so please only request samples if you can provide prompt feedback on thread appearance, stitch formation, sewing performance, etc..If interested, please email me with your contact information @ Thanks, Chris
  11. Magna-Glide Classics

    Fil-Tec continues to gradually phase in more Magna-Glide Classic colors. We are now stocking 7 colors in both style "L", and "M". The last three colors should be up on the site shortly. We hope to see many of you in Houston at Festival! Chris
  12. Magna-Glide Classics

    Between the Classics being added, and the Delights we feel that we offer a diverse range of colors for nearly all purposes. If sales justify expanding the classic color line, it will be considered. When we add a color, it must then be added in "L" and "M" so it ultimately becomes a significant # of sku's.
  13. Magna-Glide Classics

    We currently offer white, black, and will have the same 10 colors we previously offered. This consists of cream, light tan, light grey, lead grey, Tabriz Orchid, Navy, Candy Apple Red, Hawaiian Blue, Bright Gold, and Totem Green. Please also note that we have 52 stock colors in the Magna-Glide Delights so your possibilities should be endless.
  14. Magna-Glide Classics

    We are getting great feedback on the return of the Magna-Glide classics, and appreciate the feedback from those who tested them. Look for two new colors on our website today! Hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.
  15. Magna-Glide Classics

    Magna-Glide Classics are now available on Bobbin Central in light grey and cream. They are available in styles' "L" and "M" - jumbo. We will be adding more colors soon. Chris Meyers