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  1. You can still dispute charge on credit card even though you have paid. It's very easy and they do all the work.
  2. Thanks everyone, I will try and master this forum as a resolution. Posting pics and maybe even my own.... Only Embarrassed myself on the last one. I appreciate your j Help. Sheila
  3. Hey All, Just working on my 30's block swap, almost finished, was trying to find Shannon's picture of her finished quilt. I remember liking the baptist fan design but wanted to see it again. I have searched but cannot seem to find it. I saw Cories feathered design, it looks great but not sure I'm up for that one. Anyone know how to find the pic Shannon Posted? In restrospect, sure wishing I would have done 60, as some of you did. Smart thinking! Thanks, Sheila
  4. The first place winner is above Susan's head in the picture! Thanks everyone.
  5. Just curious and for future reference, what was it?.
  6. I recently had this problem in a big way and after everything, Dave jones noticed my wheel on the back of the carriage was not touching the carriage. Not the wide black one but the other one. He adjusted it a bit and it's fine now. I have no idea hoe it came to be not touching???? But it is workking now. Hope this helps
  7. Linda, your venting sounds so familiar!! I have only had my long arm for a little over 2 years and just started taking quilts the last year. I can count on one hand the quilts that were straight forward...and they were all the same customer. It is amazing what people will drop off. I don'have to quilt for others either but I have learned a lot by doing it, and solving "their" messes. I too am trying to decide if I should quilt for others. I wish it were easier and I guess it could be if I worked harder at the specifics right up front. Right now I am really craving doing some of my own and have 3 more customer ones before Christmas plus attending Houston quilt festival, 10 days vAcation with husband, 5 grand kids to spend adequate time with!!!!! Blah blah blah!, Thanks for listening
  8. Yes it helps, thanks, the problem is, this batting has pimples on the other side. :)). It's always something!!!! I appreciate your help.
  9. Sorry guys, I seldom use batting with scrim and a customer has supplied one. Searched but couldn't find the answer..................anyone out there? and thanks! Sheila
  10. Dave, sent u a u2u. Sheila
  11. yes there are two of us in Jackson WY, desperate for a visit!!!!
  12. I just used that Ginko panto with a quilt that had some Koi fabric in it. Loved it!
  13. Kimberly, I am a relatively new quilte and longarmer....... I have a millenium with an IQ. Love the IQ, because of it's precision in general. I have not put in years of practicing free motion like some of you have. Also love being able to clean, piece, pay bills, plan a new project, etc, while IQ is making a pass. On the other hand, it has many capabilities and you can get some hours in doing more dense, custom type designs. Just an opinion...........
  14. Love that pattern!
  15. I am with Sandra, I Love Love Love GLide Gold!!!!!!!!! It looks amazing on so many different quilts.