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  1. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Sewingpup, I'm sorry for the loss of your brother, it's hard to process the loss of a sibling so young, isn't it? As for your shoulder, I know exactly what you're going through with your recooperation. I wish you a full return to movement and joint freedom! My first one took almost a couple years to not be hurting, but they did extensive bone work because of a defect in the bone shape from birth. I just wish it hadn't taken so many years to get them to deal with it. Then five years later they did the left one, same problem but with a tear as well. That one took about a year and a half, but I knew what to do and not to do. Both surgeries also included the AC joint like you had as well. Keep up on your therapy, and do use ice - icing my shoulder was my friend. Regular sewing still gives me some pain. I think it's the sitting and arms forward moving fabric under the needle. But I truly can't complain compared to what I dealt with before. ETA: I used a mix of half isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a double layered freezer bag and freeze that. When I need to ice my shoulders I take it out of the freezer and break it up easily and it forms to the shoulder so well, it's like hard slush. Keep a hand towel between your skin and the bag, though, and only for up to 20 minutes at a time.
  2. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you, Gator. I wondered where everyone was at. I'll have to check that FB group out. But I do like the forum here. I just was hurting for so long that I could seldom use my machine and stopped participating. But I hope to engage here again and meet new people and gain new ideas and hopefully help others, too.
  3. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you, Vickie. i have an update on that, but I'm still just as excited! I found a lightly used 2009 Freedom only 65 miles away, went and test drove it and purchased it. It has the hydraulic lift as well as the quilt advance, and I'm upgrading the table to Bliss. So all the things I need! I'll be bringing it home at the end of the month!
  4. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Cagey, I didn't use ties. I just used pieces left from his shirts after the first two quilts. I sewed them together and then appliquéd the large circle on the backing. Then appliqués the little center circle over the inner blad ends, then quilted. I had a small template for the blade from MSQC but I made a plastic one larger for this. I believe each blade was 11 1/2" long, both for the center and the four corner quarters.
  5. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    My Ultimate was just upgraded with the Intellistitch stitch regulation, not IQ. THAT is still a dream!
  6. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you, David. He was definitely an outdoors person. My clothesline comes in handy sometimes, lol.
  7. Gosh, I'm really sorry to hear about Rita. I haven't been on here in so long, but I know she suffered with a lot of pain and health issues. I was looking back through the forum and it really looks like she had hopes the surgery she was to undergo would help. I will always remember her dry humor with and about 'himself'. What a beautiful picture of them above.
  8. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you Ines, LisaC, Gail, Cagey and Libby. (I'm not sure how to reply and thank you for the kind words directly. The forum has changed since I was last on here.)
  9. Ultimate i

    Is your Ulti the one with the original speed control and no needle up/down feature? (That's how mine was before I added Intellistitch, an aftermarket stitch regulation.) If you have the knob to turn on and turn up the speed (if I remember correctly it went from 0-1 to 10?) your machine will start stitching just as soon as you power it on. You have to be ready to move the head around. As soon as you're going to cease quilting you reach to shut it off. IF I remember correctly. By '93 it may have had the button on the handle to start and stop the machine, but you still would set your stitch speed above. I hope you get years of enjoyment from your Ulti. I have loved mine.
  10. UPDATE: I am not getting the Millie I had planned on. But I'm still very excited. Because I bought a very lightly used 2009 Freedom - and it was only 65 miles from my home. It has the quilt advance and hydraulic leg lifts, and I am upgrading the table to Bliss!! Hi ladies and gents, I haven't been on here in ages after going through a second shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and impingement problems. My last surgery was 1 1/2 years ago, and I have been back to my heavy textile repair sewing and longarming for just a few months. I never regained all my strength back in my arms/shoulders so it's been a struggle to move my Ulti I around and get the smooth circles and feathers I used to do. I have M&M wheels on it and Intellistitch stitch regulation, but spending a lot to get a new table that could be blissed just didn't make sense to us. Sooo, I am making the jump!! Head first!! To a blissed Millie!!! God is good! My Ulti I is still, and has been, an amazing machine set up. I bought it from the original owner who sewed duvets and lined drapes together. She didn't use it much and eventually took it down and stored it for years. I bought it in 2011, added stitch regulation in 2012, quilted as I could while going through all the shoulder issues, and now am upgrading myself! I will be selling my Ulti soon, but I want to wait until my new one is here and going as I do memory quilts and other customer quilts. At that time I'll list the Ulti for sale here. I just have to keep pinching myself - this is real! I wanted to share a few pics of the memory quilts I recently made. These were made with personal love and tears as they are made from my younger brother's Lee's shirts. He passed away at only 50 years old, and I made quilts for his daughter, grandson, and mom. It is amazing how comforting these were to make, and so much more to see them bring comfort to them. Blessings to you all, Marci, Ulti I w/Intellistitch & M&M's Marci's Quilting & Sewing
  11. Intellistitch or Bliss?

    I, too, have an Ulti I, and I added Intellistitch. I am still using my regular frame, but my intentions are to upgrade to Bliss eventually. I wanted stitch regulation first, and it makes quite a huge difference!
  12. Best Handles

    I, also, have an Ulti I, and I've added curved bicycle handle extenders so the machine is easier for me to handle. I've added them front and back because I found it hard to move the machine smoothly from the back with the upright ones. This picture isn't great, but you can see the style I've added on the front. I needed to remove the foam handle to install them but I added the back. This at least gives you an idea of an option. I also added a bottle holder onto the extender to hold a cup with pins, bobbins, etc.
  13. It felt so good to get on the longarm again and quilt this up! This is my scrappy 30's reproductions version of Eleanor Burns' Stars and Four Patch quilt. I pieced the backing and used three extra blocks in there. Quilted with a simple medium stipple as this will be used and washed often. I'll be making a scrappy binding as well since I'm trying to use up my stash and not buy anymore fabric! Measures 98"x98".
  14. Black bits/dust appearing once in awhile

    Granted, my machine is very much older than yours, but I had this occurring and, in my case, it was from a little black rubber bushing or cover or something inside the left cover. I believe it was at the bottom of the hopping foot arm or rocker arm or something. Apqs sent me a replacement to install. Maybe its something like that?
  15. I won a prize

    Fifteen yards of fabric - jackpot!! Congrats again!