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  1. I have a Circle Lord system with many boards and many pantos. I can be reached at aktbone@yahoo.com
  2. aktbone

    Quiltcam FOR SALE

    No worries. My understanding is that the camera lens viewing area is the same so the actual viewing space is the same. The increase in the screen size just magnifies the viewing area of the camera lens. I hope I am explaining this correctly for someone else who may be interested. Thanks Sheri!
  3. aktbone

    Quiltcam FOR SALE

    New monitor / 7". From my understanding the 10" monitor only enlarges the camera shot and not viewing area.
  4. FOR SALE Quiltcam - Like new condition $250.00 plus shipping to US only. I installed it; turned it on; never used it. I now have IQ and do not need it. Thanks for looking.
  5. I know this subject has been around and around. 1) Please let me know which system you have. 2) Two things you love about it. 3) Two things you dislike about it. 4) Two things you would change if you could. Any other words of wisdom to pass on. I am going to make the big purchase by July and just need some more input. Thanks
  6. aktbone


    Hey Neline, I am going to give you a call in a few days regarding the Quilt Path or you can call me. Thanks Tonilyn
  7. aktbone

    panto storage

    I have several short chest of drawers under my machine. I have the pantos sorted according to designer and then alphabetized. I also have one draw for odd balls. My pantos are all rolled in plastic covers, keeping them in great condition and no lint/dust.
  8. David - sent you an email regarding this transaction. t
  9. Hi David: I have 3 sets of board that would work on your machine. I would like to get 60% of original cost plus shipping. R & S - 122 and 122C - Pointed rope and corner 3.5" X 24" - 4 boards and one corner Original price: $108.00 Asking price: $65.00 R & S - 156 Diamond - 4.1" X 23.75 - 4 boards Original price - $96.00 Asking price $58.00 Quilt EZ - Feather Border and corner (still in plastic) 6" X 24" - 2 boards and one corner Original price: $98.85 Asking price: $60.00 Let me know if you are interested and I can get a shipping quote. Thanks Tonilyn
  10. aktbone

    Pantographs for Sale

    Finally figured out how to get this attached. Pantos for Sale - PDF.pdf
  11. aktbone

    Pantographs for Sale

    Sorry it won't let me post the list. Let me know if you are interested and I will email the list. Thanks
  12. Shipping only to the US. If you purchase all of the listed panto for $300.00, I will pay for shipping within the US. If you pick and choose you pay shipping.
  13. I am trying to create a post and attach a file with a list of pantos I have for sale. I keep getting an error: (ERROR - You are not permitted to upload this kind of file.) I have even typed everything out 2 times and still won't let me post. Also why in the heck can't we cut and paste? Can someone tell me how to get the list on here?
  14. aktbone

    Pattern boards

    If anyone would like a list, pictures and prices of what I have please send my your email and I will get that out to you. Thanks
  15. Got my package on Saturday - LOVE, LOVE! Thanks Vickie.