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  1. New Quilt--need help

    Thank you. Think I am going to go with the easy feather panto. It is not a tight pattern and flows really pretty. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Really appreciate the help!!
  2. New Quilt--need help

    Thank you for the suggestion Heidi. I was thinking of a feather pantograph. It is not real tight and just flows beautiful. I definitely need practice. I haven't done feathers so I think this will be really good practice. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  3. New Quilt--need help

    Thank you so much.
  4. Hand Quilter Needed.

    I know of a great hand quilter. She is in Oklahoma City. will send you an email with the information.
  5. New Quilt--need help

    Thank you. Wasn't sure how to handle the straight lines. Define them or break them up.
  6. Received this from a customer and need help with what to put on it. Will a feather wreath look good? Just so new at this.
  7. Trade Winds Quilt

    Thank you for the suggestions. I wanted to do something on the border but not sure what and for thread....I like the idea of grey!! Thank you Linda.
  8. Trade Winds Quilt

    Thank you so much. I just could not figure out anything else to do. Thank you for your help.
  9. I received this quilt from a customer and have no idea what to put on it. I am pretty new at doing free motion designs and have not mastered feathers yet. Is the material and the quilt so busy that the free motion quilt will be lost and I need to just d a pantograph? Please help. The colors are darker than the pictures. Also, the backing has swirls and is dark and busy. Thanks
  10. Feathers, Arcs, and Lines - DONE! :)

    That turned out beautiful!! I am so jealous. Just a beginner but not afraid to try things. Where did you get your arc ruler? Like Linda R I still struggle with what to put on a quilt. But I can say I can figure out something faster than a week that it used to take me. LOL!!
  11. needle up/down adjustment on white Millie

    I have a 2007 Millennium and the needle up and down goes like a energizer bunny. Drives me nuts!! I have just got my circuit boards back from Amy and all is well. How do I fix this?
  12. Thank you...I will really check out the fabric. Thank you Linda....good advise
  13. I got it on the roller and tore a small seam and restitched it. But I really like the idea of sewing a light pellon on the a t-shirt quilt does. Thank you so much. It has been on my machine for 3 days and I am so scared to do anything with it. She sent me EIGHT of these. Thank goodness the customer is wonderful and knows I am learning and has lots of grace. It is a spools quilt and I think I am going to echo the design and hopefully catch those seams and secure them...Do you think that will work?
  14. I have several "grandmother's" hand sewn quilt to quilt. The customer will let me do anything I want on them. How do I get them pulled tight enough to quilt w/out ripping the seams out? They are really old. Help!!
  15. I was reading where everyone loves the Darlene Epps pocket guild books. Does anyone have a set that they don't use and would love to sell?