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  1. Thanks Jim, I hadn't considered that the wool batting might be stretching as I unroll it. I have taken to cutting it longer than I do cotton, but it's nice to have a good explanation as to why I need to do that.
  2. WOW!! Great work by both of you. I love the added inner border and cornerstones, and your quilting is superb.
  3. Melinda, price, location, and your reason for selling would definitely improve your prospects, as would a description of the accessories and pictures of both the accessories and the machine.
  4. David, I'm not entering, so you can count me a one less person to worry about, instead of Mary Beth.
  5. Although I have never used two layers of batting, I have found that wool batting gets a lot shorter as I quilt it than the cottons I use. I figured it was because the wool "un-flattens" due to being off the roll (I have rolls, not packaged battings), causing it to shorten as it puffs up, but I don't know if this is actually the case. There have been a couple of times I almost ran out of batting before I finished my quilt, so now I make sure wool batting is extra long for my quilt top. You may need to add some batting to the end of your wool. Haven't tried it with wool batting yet, but that iron on batting tape has worked well for me with cotton battings - even the time I I had to use it while the project was on my machine.
  6. Your quilting is just perfect for this quilt. Good job!!
  7. It is the same as a "Like." Not sure why APQS chose the term "reputation" when they revised the forum, but in this case, getting a reputation is a good thing!
  8. Good job! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Peddlepusher, welcome to the forum! There are quite a few George users here. Post your questions, and I'm sure they will be glad to help.
  10. I love your work, Libby. Another beautiful quilt!
  11. Has anyone heard from Dell?
  12. Diane, my Freedom is on a 12' table, and is in an 11'x15' room. I have one end up against the wall/window, and I can get around the other end OK. Not ideal, but very doable. In my dream studio, I would have at least 18' of width for Emmeline, so I could walk around either end of the table. My dealer told me that when she and her husband were living in Chicago temporarily, her Millie was wall to wall in the guest room, and she had to crawl under it to get to her computer, so I am definitely not complaining!
  13. Could you do a double-sized version of the 6" border on the sides, where it is 12", and do that 12" version on the top, with some additional filling in or echoing to fill the entire 14"? Given the style of the pattern, my first thought is feathers in the borders, which are adjustable for size. Hope to be able to see your actual quilt someday. I'm sure I will be wowed by it!
  14. A picture of the top would help to generate ideas.
  15. You could do it, David! Easier than applique.