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  1. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Jim is right about getting used to your machine before buying a lot of gadgets. In addition to the ruler base, I would highly recommend the Towa bobbin tension gauge. Easy to use and totally worth the investment!
  2. Quilt Suspension System

    Love both the quilt and the quilting. You finished it at just the right time of year, too!
  3. Very fun! Love the quilting design.
  4. Quilt Path learning curve

    Cheryl, is your friend on Facebook? I know there is a QP group there that is very helpful. I do not have either system, and have heard pros and cons about both, but your dealer experience is certainly a consideration.
  5. What a beautiful quilt! You and your customer work well together.
  6. Very cute! Good job making it work for your customer. I bet she never forgets the lesson she learned about leaving extra fabric for the long-arm quilter.
  7. Good job, Eric! Thanks for doing this for our veterans.
  8. Beautiful quilt, Cagey! Thanks for sharing, and for doing this project for our vets. ETA: I do realize this is for the media specialist, but this honors her honoring our veterans, which is why I said Cagey's project was for our vets.
  9. Connie, glad to hear you were able to solve the problem! Aren't APQS machines great??
  10. When using the iron-on batting tape (which I love!) to join two pieces of batting, do you attach it to the right or wrong side of the batting? And in the case of wool batting, do you load the batting with the tape side up or down? I mostly use batting off the roll, and have been making a lot of smaller quilts lately, so I have some good sized batting leftovers to combine for use. Thanks in advance!
  11. batting costs

    Jeannette and Madelyn, I'm guessing that it is packaged batting that costs more per square inch in the smaller sized than the large sizes? Although there is less material in the smaller batts, there is basically the same amount of labor for the cutting and packaging, regardless of the size of the batting, which drives up the cost of the smaller sizes, on a square inch basis. If you are using the large rolls of batting, and cutting it yourself, your price per square inch will be the same no matter the size of the quilt.
  12. Thanks, Cagey! I believe I corrected for all the errors in the pattern. They were things like not cutting enough pieces, not saying to trim HSTs to the correct size, etc.. I did not make the quilt until a year or more after the full pattern had been revealed, and when I contacted the designer to ask for corrections/updates, she was very dismissive. No apology for the inaccuracies, essentially just the pattern is going to be published so I can't give you that information, you'll figure it out. I really think she was using AQS members to beta test the pattern. She is a well-know designer, with many patterns and books, but needless to say, she has lost the opportunity for my business.
  13. Thanks, Cathy! I am on the left, my aunt is on the right. By a happy coincidence, her clothes matched the quilt that day.
  14. Completed this in August. It was the first quilt I finished since doing Rita's quilt back in March. (It was a busy spring and summer.) Also my first time doing feathers. Not great, but not too bad. Free BOM from AQS from several years ago. Numerous errors in the pattern, so I guess I got what I paid for. Gave it to my aunt, and she was thrilled. All's well that ends well.
  15. Connie, I just PM'd you the address.