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  1. I also use the 08 Micron Pigma Pens; they are wonderful!
  2. It is gorgeous!! I love basket quilts; what a great job on piecing and quilting!
  3. Loading A Quilt

    Myrna, I've had my machine for 7 years and know how to load a quilt.......learning from various sources. I loved your methods; they are very good; especially liked you did not pin the top of the quilt nor the sides when basting through all the layers. Thanks for a great video!
  4. Beautiful, Libby! As usual! I love your work.
  5. Marci, I am so sorry for your loss! Your brother had good taste in shirt plaids ! Your quilts are spectacular!!! Congratulations on your new Mille!
  6. Wonderful post and pictures! Thank you all!
  7. Batting

    I agree with Jim! I love my wool batting all year round.
  8. For the waves I would free hand following the waves in the fabric. I hate marking and you have perfect fabric already marked. For the green background I would mix up some extra details like wind around the flags; cobblestone walkways, etc. Of course, this would most effeminately add to the cost. What a treasure of gift this client received; I wish you the best of success with it!
  9. Basting Quilts

    I don't quilt for others but I do stitch down a scant 1/4" from the edges because it makes a better binding edge and no puckers. Long ago, my long-arm quilter did not do the edge and it caused a pucker periodically.
  10. Basting Quilts

    Are saying she wanted you to baste it so she could quilt it herself on a DSM? I have heard of that and there are some older threads on the subject if you create a search for it.
  11. Customer Service

    Some years back APQS started taking names of folks that were interested in some in depth maintenance classes especially on the west coast, we signed up. My husband has done several set-ups for friends and repairs to my machine. He is a very talented technician and can fix anything! Nothing ever came to fruition even after I contacted them again and again. It was also brought back up on the forum as "whatever happened to that?" No response. A couple years ago APQS told me they were going to do a "Spa in the Box" for those of us who wished to give our own Spa Treatment. Once again.....nothing. I inquired again and received no response. I have a difficult time with the lack of follow through and communication. Say what you mean and mean what you say!
  12. Lavender Rose

    Looking fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see it finished.
  13. The standard foot which comes with our machines has an awkward bump in the back which is causing your problems. If you search out the forum you will find many people discussing the poor design of the standard foot. Recently, I see they have addressed it with a new "perfect 1/4" foot". It is a whopping $140 for a foot I believe should have come with standard our machines beginning many, many years ago. My 2005 Mille had the standard foot; I upgraded to the new interchangeable feet which required a new shaft and foot; I had very high hopes they would have fixed the "bump". But alas, the new foot was no better than my original foot. Ruler work is not something new so it frustrates me greatly to have this issue and to have to work around it. Sorry, APQS, this is something which should have been solved years ago.
  14. Leaders

    I made the same set up and used Duck Cloth available at JoAnn's and ran it straight of grain just as you said. You have to buy the length of your existing leaders but it's worth it! The Duck Cloth is the same weight as my leaders.
  15. Wow! It is beautiful; alot of movement and gorgeous colors.