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  1. It is explained here on the website: I don't have it; but would love it for detail work. It is very smooth.
  2. Terry, here is a pic of my zippers with a Red Snapper extra leader zipped to it. I very much enjoy having both. I keep long term quilts on zippers but can Snap On small quilts I am finishing right away. I purchased duck cloth on sale at JoAnn's to create this second leader. Lisa
  3. That is gorgeous Vicki! I love the unusual outer border design you chose; along with all the other quilting. Thank you for sharing!
  4. I Agree with Louise! Gorgeous; she is going to love it.
  5. MY husband retrofitted my 2005 Mille with LED lights like the newer models plus created a new, smaller light bar similar to the old one with LED's. I too, wear glasses and have no glare. I love the LED's. There is alot of information on the internet for configuring. Go for it!
  6. Love it, Dell! Great job!
  7. Yes, there is a You Tube video by the manufacturer that should help. Check it out; you can link from her website or search from You Tube.
  8. Years ago my quilter quilted a king size quilt with just diagonal lines about 8" apart and just making the bed caused the stitches to break. It had 80x20 cotton poly batting and cotton both sides. I would absolutely agree your stretchy fabric is the culprit, especially if it not quilted very heavily.
  9. Diane, She is lovely!!! You made her shine with your quilting; the feathers and pebbles are exquisite; and I especially love the tiny pebbles in the bottom of her skirt!
  10. Superior has recommendations for needle sizes for each of their threads on their website; very handy.
  11. Shana, I have quiilted some heavy, thick wools but they were not dense so my machine stitched them beautifully. I think as long as it isn't stiff or super dense you will be fine. I am not so sure about what white batting to use with it...
  12. I Just saw this last night and although it makes me sad we have to know Rita has been set free. My wholehearted condolences to her family and they are in my prayers! I am so thankful she received a loving quilt from her forum friends. She blessed us!!!!
  13. OH Heidi! That is awesome; I love how you cross hatched the medallion and then all your beautiful feathers! Exquisitely done by both of you! Love it!
  14. Awesome and uplifting! Thank you for sharing!!!
  15. I have used hundreds of superbobs and have not experienced this. I have removed the cardboard on the inside and they run with better tension than with the cardboard. I test them on the Towa and if the tension bounces or is jerky as I pull the thread I tear the cardboard off. Works for me; I read that tip here on the forum years ago. I hope it works for you. I use pre-wounds exclusively.