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  1. Pineapples

    Oh wow, I like this!
  2. Quilted one of my own!

    Love it!!
  3. Hexi-Daisies

    Looks good, and love the quilting. I just love everyone sharing their talent for the rest of us to admire.
  4. As a veteran myself, this is awesome!! I love the quilting on the eagle. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Recent Spam Outbreak

    Thanks, and I know the feeling.
  6. Wow, I need that kind of energy. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Jewel Box

    Wow, great job on the quilting.
  8. Ellen's Woodland Quilt

    The quilting is fantastic as always.
  9. Pretty Feathers - Just Getting Going!

    Great quiltingd as always!!
  10. Lucy Giveaway

    Then I'm really in trouble, I've missed the past several weeks. Bummer, I had already cleared a space for it.
  11. scrap happy houses

    That is so cool, I love it.
  12. I'm now doing continues right angles working my way around the block and then left angles in the same manor. The only problem is some heavy backtracking in areas.
  13. Wedding Rings and Flowers

    WOW!!! My hats off to both of you. Great looking quilt accented with fantastic quilting.
  14. I must have been hallucinating when I watched a video on cross hatching with applique. I could have sworn that the quilter needled up and jumped to the next line of stitching. Well ladies and gents, you can certainly cover a large block pretty quickly, but it takes twice as long to pick it all out.....since the bottom thread didn't hold.
  15. Fil tec changing

    I received an email from them yesterday asking if I wanted to continue contact. They retained all of my old information, except my previous wishlist :-(, but nonetheless I'm logged on.