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  1. cjtinkle

    Changing out to M Bobbin?

    I'll do so today, I was planning to anyway, I was just impatient to find out and had hoped someone might know over the weekend LOL
  2. cjtinkle

    Changing out to M Bobbin?

    Holy cow, a grand? I think I'll pass if so. Wow!
  3. cjtinkle

    Noisy Bobbin Area.

    My bobbin basket is terribly noisy. It rattles away like crazy. My hubby just did a complete servicing on my machine, repacked the gear box, re-timed it, etc. It has a great stitch, but that noise.... I clean out and oil after every other bobbin as well.
  4. cjtinkle

    Changing out to M Bobbin?

    I'm not on the forum much, but I thought I remember reading a while back that APQS now offers both L and M size bobbin machines. I have a 2010 Millennium, with the L bobbin. Can it be changed over to the M size? If so, anyone know the price? Can it be done by the user or does it have to be sent in? And last, are people with the M bobbin machines having just as good of tension?
  5. Yes I'm really torn. If we find a farm for sale with a room big enough to house it, versus building new on our existing land, it won't be an issue. I hate the idea of losing so much money on it.
  6. That's okay Marci, I know it says that. Thank you Libby, but if I do decide to sell it will be a package deal. I'm not in a hurry, so perhaps I'll just think about it some more
  7. Amen, I know that's true Peggy! I've spent way too much on this hobby... And thank you !
  8. Thank you ladies. I guess I should sit down and try and figure out the value of everything I have. I might have a heart attack if I do that
  9. I am not a dealer nor have I ever been a dealer, don't get me started on that sore subject with APQS!
  10. I have a 14' 2010 Millennium with all the bells and whistles (Bliss, hydraulic lift, Glide, etc) and an IntelliQuilter with a gazillion designs. Because my hubby's job has kept us traveling so much, I doubt I've done 50 quilts since I bought it, and now I think perhaps it's time to sell it as we're wanting to build a house, and trying to add a room in large enough for the longarm is proving challenging. How do I price it? I looked in the for sale section but didn't really find anything for sale to base a price on. thanks!
  11. It's so helpful to hear how everyone handles things. I don't get out much, and everything I do is self taught. Every once in awhile it occurs to me that there just might be a better way! LOL I have discovered that I find it MUCH harder to do ditch work on fluffy batting, such as Quilters Dream Wool, than a thinner batting, like Hobbs 80/20.
  12. cjtinkle


    Wow! That's incredible!
  13. That's a great explanation, I just would be terrified to try that! Maybe I should just stick with pantos. LOL
  14. Thank you Marilyn, I guess I'd enjoy it more if it weren't for 2 things... stitch in the ditch, which is so hard on my eyes and my back, and the endless tying and burying of threads. LOL I really detest that part!