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  1. Wow - Wow - Wow!!! You and your client both did AMAZING work! Love the way you made the flowers really look like flowers. Truly a masterpiece!
  2. I always use the green painters tape to mark my quilt path rows and leave them on until I have inspected the quilt so in case I need to make a repair somewhere it's easier to do so.
  3. The quilt was just picked up and she was thrilled! She told me that I would be seeing more of her in the future
  4. Happy Haloween

    Oh how FUN! I agree with Eric - brings me a smile too!
  5. This baby quilt was done for a first time quilter. My customer made this for her very first grand-daughter who is due later this month. Unfortunately, she had not understood or forgotten that the LQS told her to leave extra fabric and batting on all edges of the quilt. Actually I think she simply followed instructions on how to prepare her quilt if she was quilting it on her domestic machine... She really wasn't quite sure but anyways... When she called me she told me that the quilt had been trimmed/basted and pinned and was ready for me! Yikes! Well, I said "bring it over and let's have a look and see what we can do". Thankfully she had left enough backing on the top and bottom so that I could add fabric to the backing to be able to load the quilt with my leader grips. There was barely enough extra on the sides and I was able to quilt it and keep it square without having to add extra fabric. I literally had about 1/2" of backing on each side... Had to watch QP VERY carefully as it quilted near the edges! It was quilted with Yipee Ki Yay panto by Patricia Ritter. Superior So Fine on top and Magna-Glide bobbin on bottom. Thanks for looking.
  6. Slice-a-Block

    Fantastic! It's neat to see two styles of quilting on the same style of quilt. They are both beautiful.
  7. Lavender Rose 2

    Beautiful quilt and your quilting is awesome! It's great to see your process and thanks for sharing!
  8. Day at the lake quilt

    That is beautiful! Congratulations on your placings at the quilt shows! Did you design this quilt?
  9. Beautiful Libby! That's a great idea to do a scrappy quilt when you can get easily distracted when in a group!
  10. Cactus Collage quilted

    Beautiful quilt! Thank you so much for showing your process. So inspirational!
  11. Picnic Quilt

    Thanks Eric! That's a very good point. Nothing more comforting than a quilt that's been well loved!
  12. Love your quilting choices and your quilting!