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  1. I have had the same issue and done as Nigel suggested - turning the needle, using a 4.5 and shorter stitches... Better results and less thread shredding.
  2. Artistry!!! Wow - your quilting took it to a whole new Beautiful!
  3. Beautiful Bargello! Absolutely stunning. I love your colour choices and the movement of the quilt. I keep saying I'm going to make one - one of these days
  4. Love your colours and your quilting is beautiful!
  5. BEAUTIFUL!! Love everything about these quilts and grand babies are the best!!
  6. Beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  7. I just LOVE how you quilted this. You took this quilt from beautiful to ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
  8. Adorable. Love the idea of the clothesline and your quilting is gorgeous! I'm sure this quilt will be well loved!!
  9. I agree - Gorgeous and YES the back is as beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing the before and finished pictures.
  10. Beautiful! I love the way you quilted it!
  11. Beautiful quilt and what a wonderful idea! Love the butterflies and the rainbow colours!
  12. Congratulations on all the awards!! It is an absolutely beautiful quilt!! Talent like yours inspires me to keep working on my skills. Thank you SO much for sharing.
  13. I have to confess I saw how someone else had quilted this quilt and loved how they had done it, especially the owls too.
  14. We're very fortunate to have three wonderful grandkids - Sophia 7 years old, Dominic 4 years old, Scott 1 year old and the one year old is getting a baby sister one due in November. At least we are all saying it's a girl! They are not finding out ahead of time so it will be a wonderful surprise regardless if it's a boy or girl. The two oldest are visiting right now and staying for a couple of nights. We have been having a fabulous time quilting (they love putting together cloth crumbs and making designs on the design wall), painting and playing lego. Oh yes, and just finished our tea party complete with a cookie!!