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  1. Crosshatch

    That's a cool idea! Especially when doing a LOT of cross hatching on a quilt. Will have to give this a try sometime... Thanks for sharing
  2. Zoe the Zebra

    That is one adorable quilt! LOVE your quilting on it too! What size is this quilt?
  3. Beautiful quilts! Love your quilting on both quilts. And your grandbaby is just sooo cute!
  4. I also prefer the forum. I check into the Facebook Quilt Path group which I really appreciate, but agree that the forum is so much easier to find answers to questions I have. So.... that being said I am sad that quilters are not using the forum for QP.... Just checked the postings on Computer aided quilting and there's been VERY little activity (last posting was December 17th). On the Facebook group they post a lot of pictures of finished projects which are an inspiration to keep figuring out the system! Lots of questions and SO MUCH helpful information! It's a shame that APQS QP owners are not posting on the forum for those who WILL NOT AND DO NOT use Facebook. I have several friends who for personal reasons refuse to use Facebook but wouldn't hesitate to post on a forum such as this. Anyways - that's my 2 cents worth...
  5. Luminary

    Thanks Libby! I think I did go a bit nuts! I actually started this in September... got scared it was going to turn out horrible but I finally got back to it this week! So glad I did!
  6. Beautiful quilt, I’m voting right now for you!
  7. Finished my ‘alison glass sew Luminary quilt kit by Jamie Swanson’ 42” x55”. I had to chuckle when I showed my son the quilt... he wanted to know where the rest of the quilt was it was an interesting project as the star is created by cutting fabric strips of varying widths, sewing these together in color ways and then cutting those strips into random widths - diagonally and straight, sewing those together and then cutting diamonds and finally sewing the diamonds together. And then hoping you made the correct color selections etc to make sure you got the rainbow effect. it was a fun project
  8. Beautiful quilt and I LOVE your quilting choices on it! Stunning!!
  9. For His Service

    Beautiful quilt!! Your quilting is perfect for this. One day I hope to be able to do freehand feathers like yours...
  10. Gorgeous! I too love the radiating stars!!
  11. Beautiful!!! Makes me sad that we don't use Christmas projects all year long...
  12. My sister took on an ambitious project in 2017. She made quilts for each of her 8 grandchildren for Christmas and I got to do the quilting for her!! Their ages range from 3 - 24 years of age. (Some of them were similar so I didn't post all the pictures - she did two of the zigzag (quake quilts) It was fun project to do with her and since they were Christmas gifts I couldn't post them till now. Her grandchildren were quite excited to receive them and I'm sure will be treasured for many years to come!
  13. Wow - Wow - Wow!!! You and your client both did AMAZING work! Love the way you made the flowers really look like flowers. Truly a masterpiece!
  14. I always use the green painters tape to mark my quilt path rows and leave them on until I have inspected the quilt so in case I need to make a repair somewhere it's easier to do so.