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  1. apylinski

    Troubleshooting Stitches

    I did check my bobbin case and made sure there was no lint or anything. It pulls out just fine. I do wind my own bobbins all of the time. And I haven’t changed my thread path in forever. I snip the thread off and tie the new thread to it and pull it through and have always done that. I have adjusted the top tension tighter but it never seems to make it much better. Maybe it’s time to talk to APQS. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. I’m wondering if anyone can help me to a solution on my stitches. My tension seems fine. I have checked on a Towa Gauge. Top thread is Omni (which quilts beautifully on my machine) and Bottom Line in bobbin. New needle, Black Hobbs 80/20 batting. T-shirt quilt. It seems to stitch beautiful on the front but the back looks like half and half stitching correctly. Almost looks like a flatline part of the stitching? Looking for some advice.
  3. apylinski

    New Longarmer

    Welcome. You will learn a lot from all the talented quilters on this forum. And enjoy your Millie.
  4. Love the quilts. Great job on them. And I’m enjoying seeing some posts with quilts on them. Seems like everyone is selling machines. Oh and the grandbaby is adorable. I have a new one also and quilting does stop when she’s here.
  5. Has anyone made a dust cover for a Millie? I’m thinking mine needs one. If you have can you share pictures and possibly a pattern?
  6. apylinski

    Pink Halloween Quilt

    Awww this is awesome for display. Wonderful design and perfect quilting!
  7. Beautiful work! And what a great idea using a vintage piece.
  8. apylinski

    Fancy Forest Quilt

    How cute is this! Love it and your quilting really makes it. Thanks for sharing.
  9. PaulineB - please let us know the solution when you get it worked out. Thanks.
  10. Great! Thanks Pauline.
  11. Following this topic as I'm experiencing a similar problem. My Millie will occasionally sew on its own. I know when it's going to do it but have no control over it. Sometimes if I wiggle the encoder plugs it will stop for awhile. Sometimes when I hit the stop button it will continue to stitch 3-4 more stitches before stopping. And I've not touched the number 8 screw as I don't think that's the problem. Any ideas?
  12. Beautiful quilt and your quilting is great Kathy. You and George are good partners. Looking forward to many more.
  13. apylinski

    Quiltazoid for sale

    Would this work for a Millie?
  14. apylinski

    Calling Dave Jones

    I contacted him three or four times about one of his trips through the country for servicing my Millie. He said he would contact me but had others in front of me. He never contacted me. I texted and called him many times afterwards and he never returned my calls. I gave up.
  15. good morning Ann could I make a block for you.... if you wouldn't mind sending Betsie about 5 dollars to go towards the postage to send the quilt to Rita? No pressure you had said you were on the road it was just an idea I had. You can say no Thanks for concidering my request If you do this is there something you would like me to put on the block for you besides your Name?


    1. apylinski


      That would be wonderful. I just opened up the forum from last week. If you just want to put my name that would be fine. I will sent a message to Bettie for her address. Thanks so much!