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  1. Must get some of that! Thanks for the information!
  2. Ok, maybe goofy question but what is it you're drawing your potential designs on? I'm trying to figure out how to quilt some things on a quilt I just loaded on my long arm.
  3. Moving the Freedom

    I just recently moved my Ultimate II from central coast California to Abilene, Texas. Granted I'm on an old wood table but it was all pretty easy to move it. Now if I can just clean up my sewing room enough so I can actually use it.
  4. APQS Ultimate II

    Yes it is. I've actually recently had it serviced and so everything is working beautifully. I had the shaft replaced, gear box repacked and basic overall spa treatment.
  5. No idea how to price it but holy wow! That is a fabulous quilt.
  6. Home!

    Cagey, thanks, I don't have to do boards thank God. I did those 11 years ago. I just finished an RN to BSN online program. Thank you everyone else for all your help and advice. It's been so greatly appreciated.
  7. Home!

    My machine is home and sewing beautifully! Some may remember I took it down to Dave Binquist a couple months ago to be worked on as it hadn't been sewing well and I kept breaking needles. It came back today and it's sewing so well! In the meantime I finished my last class for my BSN so that's all done too. I've been sick all week so I have a ton of stuff to do and don't know if I will load anything other than my practice stuff on there tomorrow but next week for sure.
  8. I'd guess we also should be concerned that it's coming from another country. If there was a problem very little recourse I'm guessing.
  9. Quilt Cave Reorg

    That room looks fabulous. I really would love to have one room for all my sewing stuff. Someday maybe. I love your cutting cabinet too.
  10. Bluecut fire

    Many good thoughts coming your way and to those who have lost so much and those fighting the fires. We have a newer one in our area now too. So scary.
  11. Wow! That's beautiful! Congratulations!