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  1. Clothesline Quilt

    Thanks Diane~!
  2. Antique Buttermold Quilt

    So perfect! I love the colors and the quilting is amazing!
  3. Passing on the quilting bug

    Great accomplishment!
  4. Christmas in July

    Love it!
  5. Small projects

    I did several Christmas stockings all at once. You can see I used different squares of batting....only because I had some scraps, otherwise, I would have put a whole length of batting.
  6. Clothesline Quilt

    Thanks, I really had fun quilting this. I appreciate all your kind comments.
  7. I just took this little orphan block quilt off the frame and bound it. I was given several bags of stash and blocks from a lady that passed away several years ago. Her daughter is an acquaintance of mine and recently her husband was killed in an boating accident. I made this for her from the last of her Mom's orphan blocks. More of the story and photos on my blog.
  8. Quilting heavy fabric

    I once quilted a denim top onto a backing of Cordura. Breezed right through with an 18 needle and Superior's So Fine #40 thread.
  9. Machine sewing binding

    I posted a tutorial a few years ago. I always stitch to the back first and then topstitch to the front....have done hundreds of quilts like this with my DSM. Its quick, neat and easy. I always use a 2.5 inch binding.
  10. Old dog still learning

    Great! That's how I do them also.....and bead board by just straddling the mark.
  11. HMQS winner

  12. Red and white - custom quilting

  13. Quilting on flannel

    Oh my gosh, rest assured he's getting his "fancy stuff!" That is wonderful. Lucky guy.....
  14. Started a new quilt

    Can't wait to see it finished! I love that flannel that looks like wool....yummy!!