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  1. To make the piano key border I would probably sew half strips together. It's easier for me to keep my seam more consistent with the half strip than it is the full width strips. Also if you are doing a random color look you would have more variations with the half strips. As for the one book, I really can't point to just one. I have a bunch of books. LOL.......they are like Lays potato chips for me.
  2. I have a Millie with Intelliquilter. The IQ doesn't add much weight to the machine. The difference between quilt path and IQ begins with quilt path operates on a belt system and IQ operates on a motor system. Quilt path is a windows based operating system and IQ is not windows based. At the time I purchased IQ had capabilities that quilt path didn't such as setting up a no sew zone but that may have changed now as they were working on a upgrade. The two systems "think" differently so if you could find somewhere to watch both systems in action it might help you see which one works better with how you think. I went with the Millie even though I knew that the IQ would add the electronic channel locks that Freddie and Lucey lacked because I wanted the channel locks to be available even if the computer wasn't available for some reason. I also love the glide option on the Millie for the detail work (pebbles, micro stippling). I think glide is available on the Freddie but not Lucey. My only regret is the Millie 30" wasn't available three years ago.
  3. I have an Uninterrupted Power Source for my Millie. It protects from power surges and in case of power outages will run your machine long enough to shut down safely. The size recommended by APQS was a little over $300 from Amazon.
  4. After a lot of research, and a six month delay because I chickened out, I purchased my Millie and had the Intelliquilter system installed. My only regret was the six months I lost out on using this wonderful machine with IQ by being anxious about spending the money! I love my IQ and wouldn't trade it for any other system!
  5. LOL. The computerized designs took almost no time. Just the crosshatching took lots and lots of hours!
  6. Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll. I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching.
  7. I forgot to answer the part of your question about the color of the batting. For quilts that are primarily white I used the white Hobbs 80/20 on my own quilts. It seems as though the white is dull after washing if I use the natural.
  8. I have not yet tried to use a double batting on my longarm but I think the difference between a domestic walking foot and the longarm hopping foot would make for a better outcome on the longarm. There is no "give" in the needle bar of the domestic walking foot when you lower the presser foot so it would push the double layers of batting. With the longarm the foot hops and if it still pushed the layers you can change the height of the needle bar......or at least you can on the Millie's. Perhaps someone who has quilted with double battings will chime it on this issue.
  9. Sometimes I will get an obstruction message when IQ has to change directions on certain patterns. I have learned that if I slow down the stitching speed just a little it no longer gives these obstruction messages.
  10. I usually pick up and drop off at a local quilt shop.
  11. I have IQ on my Millie and love it. For edge to edge designs I set it up, start the stitching and walk away to do other things. IQ stops and beeps if it breaks a thread, runs in to an obstruction or reaches the end of the row. I think it would be very feasible for you if you have enough business to support a second machine. I would love to have a second machine that I could use for custom work!
  12. I know why you are getting all the untamed quilts........because you do such a wonderful job of taming them! I want lessons on how you do that!
  13. I haven't pinned a quilt top to the quilt top bar since the 2nd or 3rd quilt I did that didn't belong to me when, after pinning to the take up bar, I could roll the top up evenly because there was so much fullness in the sides. I unpinned and floated working the side fullness in as I went. Since that worked out well for me I have continued floating the tops. I haven't removed the top take up bar however because it seems to put some tension on the layers so I don't have to use any clamps on the backing bar to hold the layers together. I also use blue painters tape on the quilt top bar to mark where the sides of the quilt should be after I roll the quilt. I only have the leader grips for loading the backing but in love mine. I really hated pinning. I also have the leader grip side clamps which seems to put move even side tension on the backing.
  14. Perhaps it's something in your settings? I can go back and re-read a topic that I have already read.