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  1. I say watch the entire video before you do the timing, and then step your way through the timing process with the video available on your tablet or computer. The information you seek starts at 34 minutes 40 seconds ends 35 minutes 50 seconds; Best of luck to you. Cagey
  2. Martha; Great post, now may I suggest you start a new thread in the FOR SALE section; of the forum to again help with your sale. Just cut and paste what you posted above into a new thread. Best of luck. Cagey
  3. Martha; Why not post a picture of your machine, along with a description of all the items you are selling, and a price you want for it all. It has worked for many individuals selling their machines here on the site. It is how I found my George. Cagey
  4. Chrisma; If you included the price of your package and post a picture or two of you setup to help show the condition of you equipment, it might help with the sale of your Millie. You can edit your original post by clicking on the edit button (at the bottom of your post by the "+" button) on your original post. Best of luck to you with your sale. Cagey
  5. Marci; When you made the tie quilt, did you cut of the extra fabric on the back of the ties, and did you alter the width of them to get them to form the circle properly? Cagey
  6. Kathy; Horizontal spool holder; You can make a horizontal spool holder for free by taking a piece of styrofoam and pushing it down over the normal George spool pin, then cut a short piece of hanger long enough to go through your horizontal spool with enough room to make a loop on one end, and so you can push it into the styrofoam horizontally. You just need something to hold the horizontal spool in a horizontal and stable position. You can pick up styrofoam like you would use in a flower arrangement for almost nothing at the large box stores in town. Then just thread the machine as normal. My guess is she intended to type, ..."Superior, Glide, cloth, and accessories/" Cagey
  7. Libby; As always, your quilting is outstanding. I love the sharp crosshatch. Thank you for sharing. Cagey
  8. Marci; I am sure your quilting brings solace and comfort to you and those suffering, when they see and use your works of art. Cagey
  9. thread color question

    Tamara; If you want our opinions, I suggest you pull off 3 to 5 feet of thread and swirl it around on the quilt top, with both options showing. That way you can get some real comparison inputs. That is how I try out threads for my quilts. Looking at the two spools, and the quilt top, they are too close for me to say one way or the other. Cagey
  10. Bobbin

    Danielle; Have you gotten out your manual to be certain your machine is threaded and has the needle installed properly? Always go back to the basics, when you have an issue. Might I suggest you share the town you live in? Maybe a fellow APQS quilter lives in your area that could assist you. You might check with your local guild and see if any APQS owners are part of the group. Quilters help quilters, so I would believe you might find someone that could assist you. Check with your local sewing machine dealer. One of my local store owners just happens to own a private use APQS machine. Her husband fixes all their store machines, and keeps her APQS in tiptop condition. Someone like that could help you too. If you purchased new, contact your dealer. They should be more than willing to be sure your machine it stitching away nicely. It only helps their business. If you bad mouth APQS and them in your local area, can they expect to sell many more machines to the local folks? If you bought it used, here is the link to find a local dealer; I know it can be frustrating when you first start and things do not work out. It makes you feel as if you wasted all that hard earned money on a piece of junk. I assure you, once you get the feel for how your machine should be setup and it quilts smoothly, you will be so happy you bought your Lennie. It is just going to take a bit of time to get things working. After that, be sure to take notes how your machine is threaded (did you use all two of the three holes on the tension bar), how is the bottom tension set (drop test/TOWA tension reading), needle size/offset rotation, etc. . Always set things up that way, and until you can handle changes. Try to stick with the same fabric, batting, thread, etc. combination. Why make your life miserable trying to figure things out when your new by changing things every quilt? Stick with the same setup. Volunteer to work on charity quilts. That way you get practice, and you never have to see the quilt again. The people that get them are not going to complain if you design or tension is not perfect. They are only going to notice the love that went into their new cherished item. I wish you the best of luck. Let us know how things work out. Cagey
  11. Oma Thank you for sharing the pictures. It truly shows how quilts tie family and community together. Just as with scrappy quilts, different people from all backgrounds come together to form something beautiful. Cagey
  12. Ultimate i

    Noni While I have never seen a Ultimate I in person, I would suggest oiling the oil wicks. When you touch the oil wicks, your finger should show a little oil residue on your skin. If not, put 3 or 4 drops on the wick. If you see a little oil on your finger, put 1 or 2 drops on the wick. Then let the machine sit for a few minutes to allow the oil to flow through the wick material. Then with the machine unplugged, remove the needle. Then turn the flywheel above the needle area to see how the internal gearing sounds/feels as you slowly rotate the internal workings. It should sound and feel nice smooth and quiet. No grinding of gears or like there is sand in the gearing. I believe if you rotate the wheel downward on the right side of the machine that is the proper rotation direction when it is running under motor power. You can verify this by looking at the hook assembly and watching it rotate counter clockwise. If all sounds good, put in a needle and do the same thing. If that sounds good, thread the machine and do it again to see how the hook picks up the bobbin thread as it rotates through the sewing cycle. Everything sounds and feels smooth, remove the needle and plug the machine into the wall outlet. If the machine has a single needle up/down button, push it and see how the machine sounds. If not, just start the machine off running in the slowest setting. Again you are listening for things grinding or banging improperly. I would not expect it, but you cannot be too safe. If it sounds good, then slowly increase the stitching speed. Get the motor up to full speed. Then slow the motor to 1/2 - 3/4 speed and let it run like that without a needle for a good 20 minutes. It will not hurt the motor and it will get everything nice and warm. Be sure to make sure the machine head cannot move and get something jammed under the needle bar that could mess up the timing. Once the 20 minutes is done, then shut the machine off, and look for any excess oil dripping from around the needle area that could get on your quilt. Wipe any excess oil off. Then try the needle up/down button, if it works good great, if not adjust the uptown screw if it has one. You are supposed to do this with the motor warm. All sounds good, put a practice quilt sandwich on the frame, put a needle in, thread the machine, and start playing. Start off slow and have fun. Dawn shared with us a few weeks back that a normal machine used in a business will only need major maintenance after a 7 to 8 years. If the machine was not used in a business, and has been sitting for years, it probably can go without major service for anther number of years. Once you get comfortable with the machine, you can check for those sort of items that need to be dealt with. Tell us how things work our for you. If you have any issues, or something does not sound correct in any of these steps, call APQS and get support from them. They are the system experts, so do not be afraid of calling them. Best of luck to you. Cagey
  13. Customer Star Quilt

    Carmen Wonderful job. It looks outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Cagey
  14. Carmen While I am sad that you lost your friend, it was heart warming to hear that your quilting and the inspirational statements filled her soul with love and comfort. Your quilt will live on as a reminder how much she was loved by all. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care, and God Bless you and her family. Cagey
  15. Shana; I guess she will be done quilting with your on number 6. I for one would say "no thank you" if she should ask you to quilt for her in the future. There is no reason to work for someone that is not appreciative of you artistry. Cagey