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  1. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    So everyone is not worried about carrying around their phones; Cagey
  2. Only 8 hours and 45 minutes remaining in your opportunity to "Win a Millie". Get your entries in. I am sure Dawn is getting her dialing finger all warmed up for the big reveal. Cagey
  3. BOM quilt pic

    Missy; On of the posters here has taken pictures of her quilts on fresh untouched snow. They are beautiful. So I am sure yours would be too. Though its probably a bit nippy being outside taking them. I have found hanging my quilts from our blind track above our sliding glass door works as a rather good quilt holder and backdrop. Cagey
  4. BOM quilt pic

    Missy; A picture is worth a thousand words. That may get you more input, and suggestions. Cagey
  5. Business Name

    You said it was Square Quilting On My Time Quilting LUV Quilting - means more if your in Dallas True Lines Quilting TLM -That Looks Magnificent Quilting - motto "We start sucking up to our customers before we even meet" Anything Goes - I like that name as you would be able to use that business license to purchase a lot of other items for your usage. Best of luck coming up with a name. If you need a logo, PM me, and I can give you a name of a graphic artist that can help you design on. He helped me come up with mine on the page. It was about 50 to 75 dollars. Cagey
  6. Intelliquilter vs. Quilt Path

    Robin; You may have to expand your search to other forums that cater to quilt path or intelliquilter. There are a number of them out there on the internet. Check out the specific forums for both. Ask your questions, and weigh the source and form your opinion of the validity of the information. It all comes down to personal opinion and perception. In the end though, every buyer has to make their personal decision as to what works best for them and their situation. Best of luck shopping. Cagey
  7. Baby gift

    Cathy; That is some gorgeous ruler work and quilting in general. Outstanding job. I am no sure which is prettier, the back or the front. The back truly makes your artisanship standout. Great job. Thank you for sharing. Cagey
  8. Cathy; I for one believe the pictures turned out wonderfully. The feathering and quilting designs are gorgeous. Great job, and thank you for sharing. Cagey
  9. Jim; While I may not quilt for a business, I would be honored to test your thread. As I normally embroider my personal monogram on all my quilts, I would also test the thread while embroidering. If your looking for a few good quilters to share 2 or three spools, I am your quilter to give you honest opinions. I also normally wind my own bobbins. Cagey
  10. Call me maybe........
  11. A price, location, reason for selling, year purchased, bobbin size, etc., may be helpful to your sale. Best of luck. Cagey
  12. I believe the best thing from this win, is that we all are reminded that while Rita may no longer be with us in body, she continues to live among us in spirit and her words of wisdom on the forum. I find the ribbon to be a tangible reminder to Roland just how special his bride was, and how many lives she touched during her time with him. Congratulations to Rita, Roland, and all those who brought about this wonderful reminder of love and caring. Cagey
  13. Melissa; Thank you for sharing your views and education all of us on the subject. I have decided to put the ruler on my Christmas wish list for my mother. She is always pressing me and the grandkids for what we want to make her shopping task easier. This will make it easy for her to buy for me at least. Thank you again, and have a wonderful night. Cagey
  14. Recently at my guild meeting, a quilter demoed a Creative Grids Stripology Squared Ruler. She said it has become her go to ruler for cutting most fabric. My question, is I was taught to fold yardage in half, and then cut it. Using the Stripology ruler, you have to fold the fabric twice. Is there reduction of accuracy or precision by folding your fabric twice and then cutting? I ask, as I do not want to get a $52 dollar ruler that doesn't work well for me. Thank you for the advice in advance. Cagey
  15. Thread Delivery Tip to share

    Kathi; Macgyver your are with innovation where needed!!! Thought it sort of makes you wonder why APQS stopped mounting the thread cone holder on the side of the machine, since you sort of have to fluff and stuff the quilt over to that side of the machine on larger sized quilts? Cagey
  16. Sandra; Why not purchase a used Millie with the most bells and whistles you can get for the same price of a new Liberty? There seem to be a number of lightly used Millies out there for sale. Plus, with what Dawn shared concerning the durability of the APQS machines, buying used does not seem like that bad of a deal. Even if you had to buy a circuit board or two or some other part, you would probably be money ahead in the long run. Best of luck to you with your shopping. Cagey
  17. Connie; I am glad to hear that you were not injured. That being said, you can never be too safe, so you could wear safety goggles. Though searching OSHA, I could not find any reported eye injuries. I did find this; , but it does not suggest using safety glasses. Many posts made is seem that eyestrain would be the more likely injury. Good food for thought though. You should reach out to your old unit or base, and contact the parachute shop and see if they use safety goggles when making repairs/sewing. Cagey
  18. PieCrust; Go buy some inkjet printable quilt fabric, and then sign them; You can mark the full sheets with water soluble marker so the signers can see the 2x4 block area they have to sign. Be sure to stress to them that anything outside the blue mark, will not be seen on the final block. I made the mark 1/2 inch from my sew line, as I was sure a few would not listen to my instructions as I watched them sign the sheets. EQ will not say if the sharpie marker is permanent on their sheets, but I iron heat set them with no issue and washed them multiple times in my small test sample. I used it in my Take A Vet To School quilt; see 5th picture; Most liked signing with the small fine point blue pen verses the black. You can decide on the color depending on the other colors in the quilt top. I hope this helps a tad bit, as you go forward. Cagey
  19. I want to thank all of you for providing your inputs concerning the Stripology Squared ruler and the stripe dies. In the end, I believe the SS ruler offers more options then the dies. Take care, and have a wonderful day. Cagey
  21. Sharon; As I have never tried the double fold method, I did not know this. I will have to experiment with some scrape fabric to see how it works. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Sewing Pup; Accuquilt is great, but you have to go with the sizes they offer. Again, I was taught to use 2 1/4 inch strips for binding, so that is what I use. I was lucky enough to find a used one, so I do have the cutter, and the fact that my local guild has a hug library of dies, makes it a useful tool. Thank you sharing your input. NHDeb; I can see the use of dies, but was wondering about the odd 1 3/4 or 2 1/4 cuts which the Stripology Squared ruler offers after double folding. Thank your for sharing. Cagey
  22. Carol; Thank you for the update. I will try to make it to Hobby Lobby on Saturday. I for one want nothing to do with the stores today. Cagey
  23. My daughter's elementary art teacher has started an art quilting project. She is going to have about 60 - sixth graders draw a design on a 6 inch white block of fabric using "high quality" fabric art markers. After the students are finished, she want the students to hand quilt the blocks. My question, is what weight of thread and color would you recommend for the students to use? The students will have enough of an issue threading the needles, much less quilting, so I am trying to minimize the thread changes. I was considering Superior Bottom line in two or three colors that will work with all the colors. Any help would be appreciated. Cagey
  24. New* True 1/4 Foot

    Lisa, Kathy; Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. Cagey
  25. EQ 8

    Nancy; Thanks for trying. The darn * still seem to get us, as the old commercials used to say. AQS members do get 20% off the $239.95 asking price ($191.96). I believe this was the same price discount offered earlier. May just have to wait for cybermonday. If it goes up, then it just was not meant to be! Cagey