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  1. For His Service

    He will be so honored. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us and thank your husband for his service for our country.
  2. My Dilemma

    Hi Gail I'll give you my answer because I have a Block Rockit which is exactly the same machine as the Qnique. Kathy Quilts came out with the Block Rockit about 4 years ago...the Grace Company mfgs the Block Rockit for Kathy Quilts. Then about 6 months later the Grace Company came out with the's exactly the same machine other than the label stuck on it. I was one of the first people to get one of the Block Rockits. We were the ginny pigs too help get the bugs out of the new machines. We did. The Block Rockit and the Qnique are excellent machines and the warranty and service are excellent from Kathy Quilts and The Grace Company. I've done almost 30 quilts in the past 4 years with my Block Rockit and am totally satisified with it. (P.S.) The Block Rockit is cheaper than the Qnique Having said dream machine is a Mili or Liberty or Lucy. The only reason I didn't get one when I got my Block Rockit was price, not sure I would like longarming and didn't want to spend a lot of money until I saw whether I could do it or not. The warranty and service with APQS are hard to beat....the machines are so smooth from what time I have played with them. If my Block Rockit ever dies on me I will look for a used APQS....not because my Rockit isn't a good machine but because I dream of owning a Mili and I like to do ruler work and the extra throat length would be great. (It's like this: I'm totally happy with my Dodge this SUV....but my dream car is a 67' Shelby Mustang...if I could, I would own one and not because I don't love my Durango) Good luck with your decision. You won't be unhappy with either purchase.
  3. Very pretty...the piecing is great and the top is wonderful...I can barely see the quilting but from what I see its absolutely beautiful.
  4. Both are very pretty....really love the tree skirt.
  5. Very cute quilt. Glad you could make it work. I have this one older lady I quilt for and she never understands that she needs to make the back larger than the top plus she brings it wrinkled and so unsquare. I explain what I need and send it back with her until she gets it as right as she can then I just work with it.
  6. I love Christmas and that quilt just puts me in the spirit. Love the quilt and quilting. Excellent on both.
  7. Really really love this the the pattern and really love the way you changed up the border on the sides. Very unique.
  8. Oh my pretty that is! Two questions: 1. How long did it take to quilt all of those tiny flowers? 2. Did your eyes ever cross while quilting them? LOL.
  9. Tablerunners

    Really pretty....can you even buy Ribbon Candy anymore? Every time I see that pattern it makes me hungry. One day I want to make a table runner like this.
  10. Wow...what an honor. I, too, still miss Rita's wit and of course her quilting. Sadness and joy all mixed up in one. Hope "Himself" has a wonderful Christmas.
  11. Love both those quilts...I love the way the blue on the first one and the green on the second one just pop out. Excellent quilting. They are going to have a great Christmas with these gifts.
  12. Christmas panel

    Very pretty Judy...could you post a picture of the entire quilt that is not quite so close. I would love to see the entire thing.
  13. Wow...if that's her first quilt I want to see her quilts after she has been quilting for a few years. She's gonna be a die hard quilter before it's over with. Beautiful.
  14. Beautiful quilts and I know your brother would be honored if he could see the quilts. I also love the background for your quilt the outdoors. Really makes the quilts pop.
  15. Mary math question on the Win A Millie this morning was if that is your numbers to add the answer is 13.....thought I would help a friend out. haha