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  1. Business Name

    Now i like that "Texas Quilt 'Em" !!!
  2. EQ 8

    Nancy. I took a few of her classes with EQ7. They were very helpful. She did a sneek peek class for EQ8 and i took it. One of the features i like is that i learned how to better use my on fabric in the planning of a quilt. I have made a couple that i wished i had placed hexagons differently.
  3. EQ 8

    I upgraded also. I love it.
  4. Houston Quilt Show

    Glad you had a great time. I am north of fort scott today on my way to Louisville ky. One trip i. Goin to come to kc to visit you.
  5. Christmas panel

    Here is the quilt.
  6. Georgia and i have been working on Christmas. I finished this panel for my Granddaughters birthday this week. I purchased the panel at a great quilt shop in Laramie WY during our summer travels. Used Glide thread on top in brown. Pleased with the blending. Had a lot of fun with my GEORGE named Georgia.
  7. Oh my. I love math. It's the universal language. 2+2=4 whether it's English, Spanish, French or another language. Numbers have made a good living for me for a long time. That's one reason I can spend the day with Georgia In my quilting studio.
  8. Forums for sitdown quilters

    Great design and quilting. Good luck at the show.
  9. Forums for sitdown quilters

    Yes. There are quite a few of us here. I'll try to post some mine.
  10. my first quilt on george

    Love the quilt. I think you will be very happy with your George
  11. Path of Irma and Jose

    Praying for all in this storms path. safety for all.
  12. George For Sale

    I am in central texas. I have a george. Just trying to get so6mor info to help your buyers. Do you know the year model? Did you buy if new. Do you still have the boxes to ship? Good luck.
  13. George For Sale

    Need a little bit more information. Where are you locatecd? Would you be ale to ship this?
  14. In Harvey's path

    Weather reports say to expect 4 inches. Always need rain at the ranch. We don't need the wind etc though.
  15. I hope all my quilting friends that are in Harvey's path are kept safe and secure.. no power outage and no fabric stash damage. I pray for Harvey to calm to a lamb and reek very little damage. Safety to all.