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  1. If I didn't already have on I would love this. There is a Facebook page for sit down free motion quilters. I put a message on there. Hopefully you will get some interest. Good luck.
  2. I have 2 Elnas. One mechanical and one computerized. My newer one has knee lift for presser foot. Very handy. Never had a problem with either and one is 53 years old and no telling how many hours. Throat space has never been a problem.
  3. Kate. I did not see an instruction booklet. Did it have one. Thanks.
  4. Bobbin wonder came today. Very pleased. Thank you. I had metal bobbins but no aluminum. Anxious to try. Thank you.
  5. Best wishes and a total and speedy recovery. The Quilt Show web site has a lot of information and videos too.
  6. Kate. I will take this. How would you like for me to pay. I have a paypal accout. Do you have one
  7. My zip is 76693. How much shipping from. Could you estimate. Thanks.
  8. Yankiequilter. Remind you friend to join this forum. She will enjoy
  9. Just beautiful. Your quilting enhances the piecing perfectly. Just what the two are supposed to do. Congratulations.
  10. Go ahead and post your problem. I bet someone on the forum can help. I don't know about APQS after hours
  11. You have given them a priceless gift. They have also given you one. They will probably not realize the value until they are fortunate enough to be grandmothers.
  12. I heve Equilter7 I like it a lot.