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  1. My studio is getting a facelift

    Its gonna be fantastic when you finish.

    Perfect! How much are the tickets? May I ask what the pattern is?
  3. New Longarmer

    Welcome we can't wait to see some of your quilting. I know your gonna love it! I used to own a Mille and just loved it. I had to sell and am going through withdraw this entire year. I am looking forward to the day I own another one. There is nothing more enjoyable than quilting for me except my children and grandchildren.
  4. Millie Sweepstakes

    Thank you Mary Beth I closed out the web page and started over 3 times it finally had a math problem to answer but then when i hit submit it made me do it again because the catcha thing for spam prevention couldn't read it. I finally got to enter but this is the first time I have ever had any problems when trying to enter. Good luck everyone!
  5. Used APQS Machines

    Where is the 2008 Millie located?
  6. Millie Sweepstakes

    I am having problems trying to enter. There is no math problem for me to answer. What do I do now??? It wont let me go back either had to close out and start over. Hope that doesnt disqualify me on the very first day. Any one else having problems? And where is the Spring 2018 contest information at?
  7. Zoe the Zebra

    Beautiful and so cute!
  8. 2017 Lenni

    Where are you located?
  9. Gorgeous! Beautiful no matter how the quilting was done I wish I could afford intelliquilter.
  10. Ultimate 2

    thought this might help. if you cant find answers on the forum or blog then I always look on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+load+a+quilt+apqs
  11. Machine has been sold.

    What are you asking for your machine? Do you have photos?
  12. When I had my Millie I usually just basted both of my sides right and left and of course the top of the quilt. If you watch lots of different videos on you tube and of course apqs videos and read the blogs there you can find lots of good ideas on when to SID and when you don't need to. SID is an easy way to travel from one place to the next without starting and stopping and this helps with the time involved when you are quilting and also secures the quilting area so there is less movement in the area being quilted. Not every single block needs to be SID unless that is what you like to do. If you do pantos which is an all over design you don't SID and they come out beautiful! I say find what you like and practice, practice, practice and play around with different designs and see what you like to do. Have fun and have a happy New Year!
  13. Wishing everyone a very wonderful Merry Christmas ! Laugh love and be thankful during this holiday season.