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  1. Demo Machines

    Can these used machines be financed through red threads their financing company or do you buy them outright?
  2. Beautiful both of you!
  3. Bobbin thingy

    If you go to the apqs main web page and click the support heading a drop down menu will have 3 options click service video then scroll down to bobbin case care and tension Dated March 21 2017 and watch Dawn explain all. Really good information there. Hope I helped you.
  4. Eric, When I had my Millie I would quilt for QOV. If they contact them they will find a longarmer to do the quilting for them as long as they go to a veteran and that may help them out. You did a wonderful job. And thank you
  5. Houston Quilt Show

    Wow Mary Beth! I so wanted to go but could not, but a few friends of mine from here in Kansas did go. They loved it I haven't heard from all of them yet but I do know one of them said to me when I asked her what she brought back she said " I don't want to talk about it I still have to figure out where I'm hiding all of it." "It was really wonderful." Then she said I Have to go next year with them. I did watch the live streaming of Angela Walters and her Craftsy class The Midnight Quilter and was able to ask questions and she answered them. I am starting to save money now for next year! What did you bring back?
  6. I love it! You did a wonderful job. I dont see anything wrong with your quilting. We are our worst critic when it comes to how we do our quilting. Beautiful picture of the two of you.
  7. absolutely wonderful. Love it and better than I ever did on my first quilt and I was 58! You planted the seed grandma and she is now going make it blossom.
  8. Dog gone cute

    Hot diggity dog this is cute and i love your quilting. Congrats on your liitle grandchild!
  9. Customer Service

    This was a very good topic today and a lot of information given. Dawn, if there is a way to put your response under the service area of the website it might help more people to head in the right direction for answers. I had a 2003 Millie that was used when I bought it I had no idea how to fix anything or if it needed anything done to it when I got it. But I did read the manual repeatedly and when I couldn't figure something out I called. I loved the help each and everyone gave me. They even listened over the phone and were able to tell what the problem was just from listening to it! It may of taken some time to fix my issues and I am thankful they were all small but if I didn't follow the manual and keep things cleaned and oiled like we need to I would imagine that more would be wrong. Owning a machine no matter what kind it is means you are going to have to take care of it and learn the mechanics of your machine not just using it to sew or quilt. I no longer have my Millie and wished I had never had to sell her but life throws life out of wack at times and when the time comes I will have another APQS because the team members are great people to work with and these machines are absolutely wonderful!! Oh I forgot to tell you that if you have the ability to Skype on your computer or other means to video chat with them they can also see what you are talking about and can tell you what to do and watch YOU do it while they direct you. Wonderful help and Wonderful people! Just ask.
  10. Slice-a-Block

    Love your quilting they both turned out great.
  11. Lavender Rose

    Love it! I cant wait to win the Millie this time so I can do this again. I love what you have done. Please post pictures when you finish your quilting.
  12. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Love the quilt for Breast Cancer and love the fact that it is also Halloween at the same time!!! Your quilting is amazing!
  13. George for Sale

    I sent you a private message. Will wait for your reply. Thank you.
  14. George for Sale

    Would you be able to ship to Kansas? Does it include the table also?
  15. So happy to be able to do this again! Good luck everyone! Thank you APQS for another chance to win a beautiful machine!