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    Since I learned to quilt I honestly don't have that many other interests. I work full-time as an RN so my time for sewing is already so limited. I like golfing and reading but haven't done much of either since becoming a quilter. I also like traveling when we have time.

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  1. I am selling my 2013 Lenni with Bliss system and 12 foot frame. This machine is white and is in excellent condition. $6500 If interested please email or text 931-231-9350 or call and leave a message on my vm and I will call you back.
  2. Ergonomic Handles

    Thanks so much Renee! I will call them tomorrow! Do you know if that includes the back handles also? Just wondering.
  3. Hartley Base Extender

    I am looking for a Hartley Base extender without the thread cutter. If you have one please email me at Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know if Lucey handles will work on Lenni? If so,do you know where they can be found? APQS doesn't have them for sale in the online store. Any info will be very helpful. Thank you!
  5. George for sale

    Is this still available? If so can you email me at Thank you, Cyndi
  6. Can you email me at
  7. Thank you so much Nigel!! I will try that right now!
  8. HELP! My top thread on my Mille has suddenly started fraying and breaking. I have changed the needle three times, sanded the hopping foot and two curly thread guides for possible burs, and i am out of ideas or things to try. I just quilted a t-shirt quilt with the same cone of thread so I don't think that is it. I use Superior So Fine 50wt. Anyone know what could be wrong? I am desperate for answers.
  9. Is your Lucey still available? If so can you email me at please? Thank you!
  10. APQS Light Bar for Sale

    is this still for sale? If so can you email me at Thanks!
  11. 2013 APQS Lenni - SOLD!!

    Sharon, I have a 2014 Millie with the 12 foot bliss system. Would you be interested in doing some trading?
  12. Not for sale at this time I am looking to sale my 2014 Millie. It has a 12 ft table with the Bliss system, auto fabric advance, quilt glide and auto thread cutter. When i bought it I was looking to start my own business but have realized I can't afford to leave my full time job to make t shirt quilts. The two days a week I DO have for quilting, I would like to work on my own stuff. I paid $21,000 but will sacrifice for $15,000 firm. It is still in mint condition. It uses the L bobbins and I have several of those also. It has the more expensive turbo bobbin winder with it. I have kept it cleaned, oiled and maintained as the owners manual instructs. I have the Hartley ruler base and a couple extra feet also. If interested please call or text 931-231-9350 or email me at Thanks!