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    So bright! Beautiful quilt and quilting! Deb.
  2. I always love seeing your quilting. You do such a beautiful job. Deb.
  3. My Lakeshore Sunrise

    Beautiful quilt and you did a wonderful job quilting it! Deb.
  4. Beautiful quilt and I like all the different quilting elements you did!
  5. Beautiful quilts and you did a wonderful job quilting them! Deb.
  6. Cross for Comfort

    Sending prayers for your daughter and your family. I’ve seen some of the cross quilts on Pinterest. You did a beautiful job! Thank you for sharing your story and the quilt. Deb.
  7. New Longarmer

    Welcome! And enjoy!
  8. Zoe the Zebra

    It looks like it was fun to quilt. You both did a beautiful job on it. Deb.
  9. Quilting with Minky or Cuddle Backing

    I like using cuddle soft as a backing on lap quilts so that I don’t have to piece the back. I have not had any problems. I have used a couple different low loft battings. Deb.
  10. I too prefer the forum. I have learned so much here. I rarely go on Facebook. Deb.
  11. Moroccan Vibe-ish

    Oh my. You did an awesome job! Deb.
  12. You did a beautiful job! Deb.
  13. Luminary

    It turned out beautiful! I myself will not tackle that. Deb.
  14. String of Pearls

    Absolutely beautiful!! Deb.