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  1. Thank you for sharing. Prayers sent. Deb.
  2. Customer Star Quilt

    You did a beautiful job. Deb.
  3. Lavender Rose 2

    You did a beautiful job! Love all the pictures, and I appreciate your sharing your process. Deb.
  4. Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    The quilting is beautiful. Deb.
  5. Magnifier warning

    As soon as I realized what caused the burn, I removed the magnifier. I'll just clamp it to the table when in use, then remove it. Deb.
  6. Slice-a-Block

    You did a wonderful job on both. I may have to get those little circle templates. Deb.
  7. Lavender Rose

    You're doing a great job so far. Deb.
  8. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Such a cute quilt and your quilting is wonderful. Deb.
  9. Scrappy nine patch

    I have lots of scraps, and I love what you've done. Deb.
  10. Bedford Springs

    Beautiful quilt and quilting. Deb.
  11. Cactus Collage quilted

    You did a wonderful job! Thanks for including the doodle. Deb.
  12. Dog gone cute

    What a cute quilt. Also like the bones. Looks like it was a fun quilt to do. Deb.
  13. Iris quilt

    Beautiful quilting and your quilting is wonderful. Have fun sharing with your friend. Deb.
  14. Chevrons on Lucius

    Beautiful quilt and quilting. Looks like you had fun. Deb.
  15. Absolutely stunning. I'll have to keep my eye out for vintage tablecloths. I never even thought of this. Deb.