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  1. Your quilting turned out beautifully!! Deb.
  2. Beautiful quilt and you did a wonderful job quilting it!! Deb.
  3. You are so thoughtful. What a wonderful way to put orphan blocks together in a quilt. Beautiful quilting!! Deb.
  4. Beautiful quilt and quilting!! Deb.
  5. You did a wonderful job!! It's beautiful!! Deb.
  6. You did a wonderful job with your quilting! Deb.
  7. It's a beautiful quilt and your quilting is great for it. Deb.
  8. What a beautiful idea. Your quilt and quilting are beautiful!! Deb.
  9. Your quilt and quilting are both beautiful!! Deb.
  10. So cute and you did a wonderful job!! Deb.
  11. Beautiful quilt and quilting!! Thanks for the information about the double batting behind the appliqué. Deb.
  12. Congratulations on your new to you Lenni! I have a Millie and do free motion quilting. I have not quilted a quilt using a panto yet. With my old machine I had so many problems with thread breakage I didn't dare do a panto. Now I need to try one. Deb.
  13. Joann's online carries Warm and Natural. I've ordered when it's 50% off and free shipping. Deb.
  14. F Because of what Jim had to say about using both the L and the M bobbin, I got the M bobbin, and I have not regretted it. I have not had any tension issues. I use the aluminum bobbins. I ordered them from eBay. There are different types, so I looked carefully at the pictures and compared them with the ones that came with my machine. Deb.