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  1. Those looks like fun quilts. Congratulations,,
  2. You did a wonderful job on it! Deb.
  3. You did a wonderful job! Deb.
  4. Your quilt and quilting are beautiful! I remember someone having a problem with and used synthropol. I did a search and it happened to Vicki M., and it was a crayon colored quilt, so don’t know if it will help you. Here’s the link. Click on the date.
  5. Black light

    The switch is pretty little if you are just feeling for it, but easy to see if you look behind and just above your lights. How do you turn your lights off? I have a Millie so it may not look the same Deb.
  6. When I went to a roadshow it was a little cheaper than the certified used. I don’t know about now. Deb.
  7. I have a hard time coming up quilting designs. I was playing with my iPad with my new Apple Pencil. I came up with this idea in one area, but I don’t know if it will work with your beautiful paisley feathers. Deb.
  8. Wonderful job! I’ve been thinking of making a scrappy quilt for quite some time. I finally started at looking for ideas for making one. Love what you decided on. Deb.
  9. You did a beautiful job with your straight ruler! Deb.
  10. Before and After pics

    You did an absolutely wonderful job!! You made the quilt come to life! Deb.
  11. Metro Hoops finnish

    You did a wonderful job!! I have a double wedding ring wall hanging I did years ago. Someday I need to quilt it. Deb.
  12. Some client quilts

    Thank you for sharing. Nicely done! Deb.
  13. Black light

    I don’t which ones have it, but my Millie does. I don’t use it much. When I did, I turned the lights down and the light thread really showed up well to see while quilting Deb.
  14. Connie, thank you for sharing. Deb.
  15. Baby quilt

    You did a wonderful job on the quilt and quilting! I love it! Deb.
  16. Rotary Cutter Blades

    I order my blades from Amazon, and have been happy with them. I don’t remember the brand (it was not a name brand), but the price was much better than Joann’s with a coupon. When I was at MQX New England last year, one of the vendors was using a titanium blade and said they lasted a long time. I didn’t buy any at the time and have not seen any. Of course I haven’t looked too hard, since I still have blades. Deb.
  17. M Bobbin Installation

    Congratulations I don’t think you can change to a M bobbin yourself on an older machine. I don’t know what year it changed so that you can now do it yourself. Deb.
  18. 300 count sheets

    It shouldn’t harm your machine. I buy sheets from the thrift store and use as the top and back and use to practice quilt and play with designs. Deb.

    So bright! Beautiful quilt and quilting! Deb.
  20. I always love seeing your quilting. You do such a beautiful job. Deb.
  21. My Lakeshore Sunrise

    Beautiful quilt and you did a wonderful job quilting it! Deb.
  22. Beautiful quilt and I like all the different quilting elements you did!
  23. Beautiful quilts and you did a wonderful job quilting them! Deb.
  24. Cross for Comfort

    Sending prayers for your daughter and your family. I’ve seen some of the cross quilts on Pinterest. You did a beautiful job! Thank you for sharing your story and the quilt. Deb.