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  1. InesR

    How to do this

    I don't. but would love to know how as well!
  2. Off to the hardware store! Thanks Ed and Gator!
  3. InesR

    What is your style?

    You can get them from the apqs store, and I did get mine there and at the time, I was just sooooo thrilled to elevate those clamps. Wasn't till later that I noticed in a picture the curtain rod. Much more budget friendly option.
  4. How is it that on the last photo of the dual load that it is tucked up? If I don't have a top pinned, it hangs straight down but yours seem to be anchored somehow.
  5. InesR

    What is your style?

    Congratulations on your new Lenni! You are going to love it. It will come with cloth leaders. I did buy red snappers for mine. And a ruler base from apqs. One thing you will want is bars that go across each end. You can use curtain rods with the curved ends. They elevate your clamps so there is no interference. That was a game changer. ")
  6. Congratulations on your Lenni! Great quilt pattern, can't wait to see some of the more experienced quilters suggestions.
  7. Rojnickel, PIZZA think you need to email the address in the beginning listing. Don't believe you will get a reply here. ")
  8. InesR

    T-shirt quilt

    Congratulations on your new Lucy. You are going to love your machine. Assuming the t-shirts have a stabilizer on them, remember to go a little slower over them. Also if any screen printing on them, slower there as well. Lucy can handle it, just being kind. ")
  9. InesR

    Scissor holder

    Well, learned something new the other day. Video from APQS discussing the much miced scissor holder at the top of the machine. Wait, it isn't a scissor holder??? I' love be. New knowledge sure came in handy when a customer wanted a butterfly stitched..... Moved my laser and Bam, I am stitching a butterfly!!! Now if I can only find my
  10. That is amazing work! The ability to see what it can be is inspiring and then it to have the skills to accomplish. Wow!
  11. I have never done it, but thinking it thru, seems like you could. Will you start in the center and work out or will it be side to side? I think you would have to have fairly tight tension on your layers to keep from getting wrinkles. I don't know. Definately something to ponder. Can't wait to see how it comes out.
  12. I prefer the forum. I like the companionship. We may have businesses, but we are not trying to sell. Just looking to discuss, share ideas/issues and show and tell. I have learned so much from the members here.
  13. Apqs is having a used sale Comes with some warranty. Check out the web site! Hope they have just what you want
  14. Gator

    away from my computer at home, but did you see apqs has used machines and there was one person with the Christmas card that gave her a machine. Would you let her know about he used sale?



    1. InesR



      apparently my phone has me logged in. I will see if I can find her post.


  15. Though I would post a picture of a tablerunner. Nothing grand, but great practice without burning a lot of time. Ribbon candy is tough.