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  1. Though I would post a picture of a tablerunner. Nothing grand, but great practice without burning a lot of time. Ribbon candy is tough.
  2. Those are absolutely beautiful! I am sure they will be cherished. The stories they will hear....
  3. Beatrice, I think both sides of the quilt are true. ") In the case of Kathleen Riggs, she must be famous for her quilting and people want to say " this was quilted by Kathleen Riggs", therefore no consultation. In your case with this particular customer, she almost said the same thing, chose you over others whom she had access to, likes what you do, wanted something special with out knowing what she wanted. I think that was giving you the creative license to do what you do. Waters got muddied when you tried to get her input on the quilt. The other side is some people have a very definately idea of what they want, either dictated by end use of the quilt, or budget. So, I guess you do need to rethink, some know what stiches they want and some want you. What a great compliment to your skills!
  4. Magnifier warning

    Really appreciate the heads up!
  5. What a beauty! Great skills.
  6. Quilt is so bold, quilting is going to definately be secondary. I would look at pictures for inspiration. Maybe mimic the diamonds with a giant one from center to center of sides, top and bottom. Then a 1/4 or 1/2" inside to frame, followed by a fill in the center and a giant feather at the quarters. There is a lot of inspiration on this forum. Outer border looks smallish, but maybe piano keys...I love piano keys. Look and have fun! ") Cant wait to see what others see and what you end up doing. Make sure you post a picture!
  7. Boy, is that pretty!
  8. Love the houses! Your are going to be so happy!
  9. Dog gone cute

    Adorable! Glad you posted pictures.
  10. pantograph

    Just saw this pantograph on eBay for 7.00 plus shipping. Auction ends sept 4.
  11. Beautiful. The colors are great. It is like wow and calm all at the same time.
  12. Wow is that pretty! You have opened a new door for me. I would never have thought of quilting a table cloth. Can't wait to find one! What an inspiration!
  13. Cactus Collage quilted

    It is wonderful. Appreciate the drawing as well. So nice to see the "behind the scenes".