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  1. Stitch Regulator acting up

    Jennifer Bernard ... what is a Quiltazoid (?) that you are mentioning in one of the above posts.
  2. Stitch Regulator acting up

    I also am having a problem with my stitch regulator on my Millie, not all the time, just sometimes. I'll be either working from the front or the back quite nicely, then all of a sudden it starts to "miss", then takes an uncontrollable number of fast stitches, then skips ... then if I start to move the machine slowly it will "get back to normal" stitching again. It scares the heck out of me especially when I'm working from the front of the machine with rulers. I just quilted a childs quilt the other day and it only happened once. I will try what JanieSue mentioned in the above post about the cable connection.
  3. I am very frustrated to say the least. Yesterday I loaded a lap size quilt which I usually have all quilted in an afternoon. I did one pantograph row with Rainbows thread, no problem. Since then I can only go about a foot (if I'm lucky) and my thread breaks. I have rethreaded from start to finish about 5 times, put a piece of batting with "sewers aide" on it in the thread guide just above the spool. Switched bobbins. Pulled the tension discs apart (no gunk in there). Loosened off the top tension, start quilting almost a foot, top thread shreds then breaks. Sometimes there are loops on the back (only when I come to the point of a curve. The only heads-up I get that this is going to happen is that the thread whips from the spool first. I don't have any thread spool socks, never needed them before, just put a piece of batting in the thread guide above the spool and that works, but not this time. It took me a whole day to quilt one row ......... how frustrating! And I started again at 8:00 this morning and now it's noon, only to have quilted about 2 feet. I have some emery cloth that I used through the thread guides to smooth them out if there were any rough spots, I have changed the needle about 6 times, I am using Superior top-stitch needles .......... still my rainbows thread breaks, so I changed thread to Superior So Fine so see if it was the thread. It still did it, but not quite as often. I am getting awfully tired of picking out, this project should have been completed yesterday.