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  1. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Machine drags with ruler base on

    Well Nigel, you are my hero today. It was actually the top pick up roller that was binding the ruler base. I followed your instructions and raised up the top pick up and the leveler bar both (with a quilt on it) and it's seems to have made a huge improvement. I need to quilt from edge to edge and front to back with a ruler to be confident but so far its smooth. The stitches look nicer too. Was this procedure in the manual somewhere that I missed? I've been trying to fix this issue for two years now with a lot of frustration. I can't believe it was that simple. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate this support. Jamie
  2. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Stitch Regulator on Millennium stitch length

    I will call the factory. Thank you.
  3. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Machine drags with ruler base on

    Hello all, When the APQS ruler base is on , the sewing machine drags in certain places no matter where the machine head is on the table. I have taken the entire table/system apart twice and re-set it up and the dragging continues. I'm thinking of looking for a smaller ruler base. Please advise. Thank you, Jamie Bennett
  4. Hello all, When in stitch regulator mode the stitch length does not increase in size. The stitches are always small. When I select the stitch length increase button, they never change is size. Please advise. Thank you, Jamie Bennett
  5. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Stitch regulator stitch length

    Delle, Did you get a solution to this stitch length problem with stitch regulator? I have the same problem. Stitch length is at the lowest setting of 7 and my stitches are very small. I've just not used the stitch regulator because of this problem but would like to have a solution. Please advise. Thank you, Jamie Bennett
  6. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    How do I add a quilt calculator to my website/blog?

    Did you find a solution for the website calculator? I'm looking for the same. Would you share? Have you have an "App" for your phone for calculating quilting? Thank you
  7. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Zen Chic Pearls

    So do I. I love all your quilts, patterns and quilting
  8. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Pick up canvas tangles

    Thank you both. Why wouldn't APQS have roller clamps? I'll check Jamie's site.
  9. Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com

    Pick up canvas tangles

    Hello all, I have an issue with the canvas ends tangling when rolling up the fabric. I have a pick up advance system. What do you use to keep the canvas rolling evenly on the rollers? Thank you kindly, Jamie Bennett
  10. Hi all, Please provide some guidance for my issue. Issue: Quilt backing will not tighten evenly on the left side of the 12 foot frame. This issue is consistent with all my backings. It was gradual at first and now is increasing. So when the right side of the backing is tight, the left side is loose and hangs down. I've attached a photo but it hard to represent the issue. What I've done far: Squared the backing fabric before loading Pinned the center of backing and matched to center of canvas before pinning Read instructions on how to load quilt Thank you kindly, Jamie Bennett