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  1. Very nice job. Thank you
  2. The quilting is very effective. Nice job!
  3. Really sweet quilts and wonderful news. Thanks for sharing your cuties
  4. That sounds like a workable idea. I'll audition it when I get the project. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I don't have the quilt top yet. The problem with quilting the pre-printed design is that each one is very small. The square is probably 6"' and the images are more like 4". I could stitch on the line of the wreath, for example, but not around the tiny leaves. Treating the design as an appliqué may work with some of the blocks, though. I'm pretty new to this and wanted to practice possible alternatives. I should've waited until I could share. I'll post again when I have pictures. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have suggestions for quilting stenciled blocks? I'm going to take delivery of a customer quilt that has pieced star blocks alternating with pre-printed stenciled blocks. I believe they're 6" blocks printed with different designs, i.e. a spray of fruit, a tree with birds, a wreath of branches and leaves. I thought about a simple background fill. However, there isn't the option of quilting around the actual design and I think background fill wouldn't do anything for those images. Thanks, all.
  7. Your quilt is great and I'll bet it's in demand. I made one from this pattern and keep it at our house for the grandkids to share when visiting. I don't think I'd be up for multiples.
  8. Your quilt is lovely and inviting. Great job
  9. Applique quilt

    The quilt is lovely and the quilting is spectacular. I am so fortunate to have seen it at the guild meeting. Great job and thank you for sharing!
  10. Bunny Quilt

    That's a riot. Great job
  11. Using up stash

    Thank you. Retirement is the best!
  12. Amazing collection. OMG, the houses! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats.
  13. Using up stash

    Thanks, all. Appreciate the kind words. Now back to it: I just found two spots I forgot to quilt
  14. Using up stash

    Lucey is almost one year old. I retired in January, three months ago, and I'm getting more time to play.