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  1. Hi. I think I’ve timed Lucey - on third try. I’ve tightened the screws as tightly as I can. Here’s hoping. Thanks
  2. Cairns

    Timing your APQS Machine

    You are too funny. Thanks again for your help. Jo
  3. Cairns

    Timing your APQS Machine

    Hi! I think you’re right and I’ll get some sandpaper. Are you saying that the needle “sweet spot” should be higher than what is on the video and written instructions?I don’t know that it makes much difference because either is so hard for me to see. Four tries? How did you know there was a problem each time? Did you hit metal when there was needle flex or was there some other things indicator? Did you start from scratch each time? I just don’t understand why I could free motion for so long before a problem arose. Thanks, so much, for your help.
  4. Cairns

    Timing your APQS Machine

    I did have to take off the collar, yes. I don’t think I’d need to remove that, again. Shouldn’t there be pretty good gouges from securing the hook assembly? There’s no play in the hook assembly thanks
  5. Cairns

    Timing your APQS Machine

    Help, please. I had to install a gasket for my Lucey gearbox, which meant removing the hook assembly and re-timing. At last, I thought I was successful. However, after sewing for some time, the machine hit metal. I changed the needle and tried again. The same thing happened a bit later. I now have scratches on the mitten part of the hook assembly. The needle isn’ Hitting anything when I rotate the wheel. I’ve left a message for Angie, but hate to wait until Monday. Customer Quilt coming... So, can anyone answer, please? 1. Why would my machine work for quite a while before a problem occurred? I had been giving it a real workout with no issues and good stitches. 2. Do I have to start the timing process again? If so, will it hurt the machine to file down the shaft again, etc.? 3. How do I know it’s timed correctly? My confidence is now shot, having co,pleated the steps the first time. My Lucey is only 2 years old and I don’t want to shorten her life. Thanks for any suggestions
  6. Thanks. Angie told me to use the file with a slightly faster speed (8), and it did come off. i timed the little devil and had been sewing some time when ‘clank’. I think my needle is hitting the hook assembly. I’m waiting for Angie to get back to me about starting over. I just don’t know why it took so long before an issue arose and if it’s going to be okay filing down again. yikes
  7. Cairns

    Laser problem

    Hi. I’m back from vacation and attempting to begin timing Lucey. I’ve inserted the new gasket, replaced the collar, but I can’t get the hook assembly back on the shaft. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. I have a two-year old Lucey. I don’t use the laser often. My laser light has always varied in strength, but the light dot has been clearly visible. Today, after two uneventful panto passes, the light has diminished in brightness and disappeared several times. I’ve checked connections and see no problem there. Please advise. APQS got back to me and suggested that I switch laser cable ends.
  9. Thanks. I’m having the same issue. I’m a bit hesitant to file more, as there’s no visible irregularity visible. APQS help desk has been very busy.
  10. Cairns

    Laser problem

    Good way to look at it. I knew I’d have to re-time sooner or later. thanks
  11. Cairns

    Laser problem

    Just FYI, APQS said the gear box shouldn’t be leaking in my Lucey and they sent me a new gasket. Unfortunately, installing it will mean removing the hook assembly and re-timing.
  12. Cairns

    Laser problem

    It’s behind the bob in basket, I believe. I do the WD40 wash every month and I just did the annual maintenance. It’s less everyday, though. Thanks for your response.
  13. Cairns

    Laser problem

    Hi. I actually had two problems. The laser light seems to be working, now. My second call to APQS was about a new vibration noise. They told me about an additional oiling site and I found a loose screw to tighten. But it still has the sound. Also, when I wipe the bobbin area, after daily maintenance, I get a small amount of black residue. I don’t remember seeing that before. Worrisome. Thanks
  14. Very nice job. Thank you
  15. The quilting is very effective. Nice job!
  16. Really sweet quilts and wonderful news. Thanks for sharing your cuties
  17. That sounds like a workable idea. I'll audition it when I get the project. Thanks!
  18. Does anyone have suggestions for quilting stenciled blocks? I'm going to take delivery of a customer quilt that has pieced star blocks alternating with pre-printed stenciled blocks. I believe they're 6" blocks printed with different designs, i.e. a spray of fruit, a tree with birds, a wreath of branches and leaves. I thought about a simple background fill. However, there isn't the option of quilting around the actual design and I think background fill wouldn't do anything for those images. Thanks, all.
  19. Hi. I don't have the quilt top yet. The problem with quilting the pre-printed design is that each one is very small. The square is probably 6"' and the images are more like 4". I could stitch on the line of the wreath, for example, but not around the tiny leaves. Treating the design as an appliqué may work with some of the blocks, though. I'm pretty new to this and wanted to practice possible alternatives. I should've waited until I could share. I'll post again when I have pictures. Thanks.
  20. Your quilt is great and I'll bet it's in demand. I made one from this pattern and keep it at our house for the grandkids to share when visiting. I don't think I'd be up for multiples.
  21. Your quilt is lovely and inviting. Great job
  22. Cairns

    Applique quilt

    The quilt is lovely and the quilting is spectacular. I am so fortunate to have seen it at the guild meeting. Great job and thank you for sharing!
  23. I wanted to use up my supply of plaids, stripes, and checks. Ha! It will never happen. I used only my stash for the quilt top. Lots of piano keys that are lost in the stripes. I quilted them to avoid a problem in the borders. The outside border is pieced and I'd used many woven fabrics. I just love my Lucey and plan to get better at using her.
  24. Cairns

    Bunny Quilt

    That's a riot. Great job