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  1. Hi, I would like Stars and Loops by Linda Taylor if it is still available. I need an E2E for quilts of valor projects. Shipping would be to a 66007 zip. PM me for address and payment info. Thanks Sharon
  2. Plumpurple

    Rotary Cutter Blades

    I had this same question, I was tired of replacing blades after only a short time and some blades even from the same package didn't seem equal. So a friend gave me a Martelli cutter to try, that had the guard broke, guess she didn't think about replacement parts. I contacted the company and they sent me a new guard, spring, and a new bolt, at no cost to me. When she gave it to me she put in a new blade and that was two months ago, It is still cutting well. I just finished (almost) Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake among other smaller projects, so I have used it a fair amount. I am not necessarily sold on the cutter's ergonomics, but the design of the cutter may increase the life of the blade. Maybe???? This is my first blade experience so time will tell. Sharon
  3. OK, I don't do Facebook and really, really hope you all continue use this forum! When I do a search, I can see that at one time the forum was extremely active, I wish I was here then, but I've only had a longarm for a couple years.. I so enjoy all of your posts, pictures and comments, you all have guided this novice more than you'll ever know. The information and inspiration is priceless! I realize it takes everyone's participation to have a great forum but I feel it is worth it. Anyway that's my thoughts. Sharon
  4. Hi, lucky you--- there's a Milly on EBay in Florida for $3,000 might check it out. Sharon
  5. Plumpurple

    Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Hi, I bought a used Lenni off this forum in 2016, and couldn't be happier. I just quilt for myself and yes my Lenni is worth every penny. If you have the room and one is in your budget I'd say go for it. Also, if I have a question or issue that can't be answered with a search on here, APQS is just a phone call away. I have always been treated at APQS like I just purchased their most expensive new machine, Anyway that's my two cents. Sharon
  6. Plumpurple

    MQS was disappointing

    Mary Beth, the next time you are going to Prairie Point let me know, I'd like to meet you. I live maybe 10 miles west of there. Sharon
  7. Barbara, I'm sorry, but not sure these are Circle Lord boards, perhaps someone on this forum can help identify make. I want to stick with Circle Lord, thanks anyway, Sharon
  8. Barbara, yes, I want the Circle Lord Baptist Fan Boards. Do you have PayPal or how do you prefer payment? I did not get your message, try to pm me again then we can trade information. Thanks, Sharon
  9. Hi, am interested in your Baptist Fan Circle Lord giant boards, i sent a pm for shipping estimate. Sharon
  10. Cagey, with piecing it seams like I just know what to do BUT I am relatively new to the art of quilting. I am trying really hard to do more than a meander panto. Yes, I used a panto to do a simple meander--for YEARS on a mid arm, and yes it did permanently attach a top to the bottom with batting in the middle, thus a quilt. But, now I find I want to do more. Soooo I have found Pam Clarkes Designs with Lines books and stencils to be the MOST helpful so far. But I am always open to everyone's suggestions Sharon
  11. Hi again, Sharyn Craig's book Great Sets is on EBay with free shipping right one for $8.69 with free shipping. sharon
  12. Hi Cagey, I would go to the library or book store planning to spend an afternoon and peruse their entire selection of quilt books. Maybe more than one store, afternoon. That would give you some idea as to what you need/want. After narrowing your search look online for used books, Thrift Books and EBay are great sources. Good luck in your search. I don't have one to recommend, I am assuming you are looking for a technique book and there are many out there. Sharon
  13. Plumpurple

    Clothesline Quilt

    Wow, it's absolutely stunning. You are very talented, I love it.
  14. Plumpurple

    Learning Curve when moving up in machines

    Congratulations on your new to you Lenni, you will have so much fun! And, this forum is a great resource, rich with information. If I have an "issue", I just come to this forum and do a search for my question. Yesterday, I was having problems with a tee shirt quilt--my forum search suggested a few things, among them-maybe a larger needle. (Ya think, I can hear it from all the experienced quilters) and viola-problem solved. So thanks for all the quilters who posted not only the questions but those who take the time to post their solutions and opinions as well. Sharon
  15. Plumpurple


    Libby, it's so beautiful! I love it. Sharon