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  1. Cactus Collage quilted

    Beautiful quilting on a beautiful I remember why I bought that pattern!
  2. Surf Song Bargello

    Very pretty and I love the colors!
  3. Yes...piecing took longer than I thought it would when I first decided on this pattern. I had to piece the center of all the flowers first and then lay out where they would be placed so I could determine the color around each block. Thankfully the result was worth the effort!
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments! I learn more and more about my longarm and IQ every time I use it and am inspired by all the other great photos I see. I'm slowly working to gain confidence to do more manual work on my quilts as well. I have a couple smaller pieces that are waiting for me that I'll jump in and start one of these days:-)
  5. A recent finish for my great niece's 10th birthday. I've had the fabric for quite a few years thinking it would make a pretty girls quilt and when my niece asked me to make her a quilt I knew what I wanted to use. The pattern is called Zinnia Garden from American Patchwork & Quilting 2017 calendar. My niece loved it and apparently her bedroom is being painted to go with it! Cathy APQS Freedom w/Intelliquilter
  6. I've been watching some YouTube videos recently about the various ways to attach binding to a quilt using the longarm. I've been quilting on a longarm for several years and have never tried this before so I wanted to ask a couple questions to those of you that have done this either for your own quilts or for customers. 1. What technique do you use to attach binding with your longarm? Do you use a ruler or stitch straight reference lines to align the binding or some other technique? 2. Are there quilts you won't use the longarm to stitch the binding on? Lot's of points along the edges? Very uneven borders? Competition or heirloom quilts? 3. Any "gotchas" to watch out for? I'm always open to learning and trying something new so any and all comments would be greatly appreciated! Cathy APQS Freedom & IQ
  7. Problem with securing stitch

    I thought that's what they mentioned in the video was a 1 second time frame but thanks for clarifying that it is 1 second per cycle and not 1 second to go down or up!
  8. Problem with securing stitch

    Thanks for the suggestions Linda! What you said makes sense and I was hoping that's what was happening when I heard the hmmmm. Unfortunately I can't start away from the corners as I'm doing an orange peel design on the rings of a DWR. I do try to start right in the seam line but don't always hit that exact spot! I'm not having any issues when quilting the centers or footballs which start in those respective centers. I was also worried when after it happened a couple of times that I had to turn the machine off and back on to get the needle up/down button to work again. I watched the video on adjusting the needle up/down and have a (hopefully not stupid) question...does increasing the speed mean the needle up/down moves faster with each press (or hold) of the button or that it goes up and down multiple times? I thought the video mentioned that being the issue but think I misunderstood it.
  9. I'm currently working on a quilt made with batiks and am having an issue with the needle not penetrating the fabric when performing the first securing stitch. The area I'm having issues with is usually a corner and I realize that batiks are denser than most cottons but it almost sounds like the motor is struggling to drive the needle down. I've also had issues with the needle up/down where I press the button and the motor sounds like it's moving the needle up and down but it doesn't. I have to turn the machine off and back on again for it to work. This usually happens after I've had the problem with the first securing stitch but not every time. I searched this forum and found the videos on adjusting the needle up/down on the back of the machine but wanted to ask here first if that is what the issue might be. I'm not having any issues once the machine starts sewing or when securing away from a seam...though the needle does hesitate sometimes. I'm using a 100/16 3.5 needle and 50wt Glide thread. I've thought about switching to a thinner needle but my stitches look fine as is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cathy 2015 Freedom w/Intelliquilter