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  1. Cross for Comfort

    And thanks to all for your kind thoughts and continued prayers. Carla continues to heal.
  2. Cross for Comfort

    Connie, my wife Beth found a bunch of quilts like this on Pinterest in different colors. There's a pattern out there somewhere, but we just worked it out from the pictures we had. (Of course, with some changes.) Our version is all based on 2" strips (1-1/2" finished strips), so it's a matter of simply counting how many strips are in each dimension. The cross itself is a double width of 3-1/2" strips (3" finished). I guess if you did it with 2-1/2" strips the quilt would be a bit bigger. I was ready to use a single fabric for the white background, but Beth insisted that it had to be several fabrics. She was right - as usual. The variations in color add a lot of interest to the background. There are four fabrics in the background, and we just worked our way outward on her design wall, cutting and choosing "white" fabrics for each band as seemed good. The strips near the bottom tend to be darker and cooler than the warm/bright strips near the top, so that there is a natural "footing" to the background.
  3. My wife and I are now in Florida in the RV for a month, so there's no long-arm quilting going on - just some piecing. But before we left, we put together this quilt in about a week and a half. Our daughter was discovered with cancer of the gum in December and had surgery this month to remove three teeth and some bone. The cancer was all removed, she is healing well, and they have given her an appliance to fill the space, but she is really disheartened and having to struggle with emotions and fears. So my wife decided that she needed a hug from us, even though we could not be there. This is pieced with cotton on the top but a Minky backing and thick Hobbs wool. It's really warm and friendly. And when I was done quilting it, I was amazed to see how great the quilting looks on the Minky side. If you look closely at the gold border, you'll see a football at the top (for her husband the Steelers fan), icons for Paw-Paw's Butterfly and Paw-Paw's Princess on the sides (for her two marvelous daughters), and an extra heart on the bottom to represent herself and her love for her family. Quilting with a Minky back was a bit of challenge, and I turned to some posts on this forum for some great help. Thanks to you all for the advice that you post.
  4. String of Pearls

    Libby, you just continue to impress me with your beautiful work. One of your prior quilts got me interested in Bethanne's "Nemeshing," so I took a class on it from her at Fall Paducah. You're right; it's pretty easy to do and looks great - but doing all the pebbles is very time-consuming.
  5. It is no wonder that your quilt was selected! It's a beautiful piece of work with a great story behind it. Like Connie's husband, I also served in the Navy, and I have the greatest respect for all those who serve us.
  6. This is really super. You inspire me to work on something that's closer to a whole cloth quilt! I've also noticed about working the long arm (as opposed to pushing the fabric around on a domestic) is that I need to write down the dimensions and spacings as I make those decisions - because when I get to the end of the quilt, I want the last border to look the same as the first border. Yet the first border is now hidden in the rolled-up quilt. I also have to be really careful about the math down the two sides, so that my repeats ending up matching the corners at the end of the quilt.
  7. Luminary

    Very nice. I can't imagine coming up with an idea like that, and you did a great job.
  8. Zoe the Zebra

    I love the flowers, feathers, and pebbles in the background. They just make the appliqué flowers pop out, and enhance the whole thing. What a great job!
  9. The fan quilt has a shine to it. Either your photography is really special, or that material itself has some sheen to it. Which is it? The quilting on both looks really good.
  10. Had to add a codicil to this one. After turning in these two quilts, our local CVQA QOV person gave them to veterans on Veteran's Day. Our local guild meeting was that same week, and she surprised me by also giving a QOV to me for my service as a Navy pilot many years ago. I was touched.
  11. Tablerunners

    Nice job on the ribbon candy. Very regular joins, that make it look real. I also like the back-and-forth meander in the triangles.
  12. Now THAT's a challenge! Glad you were able to make it work.
  13. Yes, they definitely look like flowers! Very nice, and it just flows all over.
  14. I've been pretty busy for the last couple of months - but not so much with quilting. Beth and I spent a full month on a trip to Australia and NZ, then came home to family for the holidays. But I did have a chance to quilt a Christmas runner that Beth had pieced some years ago, and we gave it to our daughter.