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  1. I don't even WANT to try to program a Quilt Path for something like this! I spend way too much time working on my computer already. That's why I bought Lucius (Lucey) - so that I could do the quilting myself and not mess with a computer! But you did a fantastic job, Lisa.
  2. I have to give the credit for the circle-and-hook design to Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy in Louisville (APQS dealer and teacher). I practiced it a few times on a scrap piece, and I found it's just a fun, bouncy design to do. Swirl around and around, hook in, hook out, and swirl around the other way. I did have to do some pre-planning of spacing to get the circles to match at the "T" joints of the black sashing. If you look REAL close (ah, don't ever do that), you'll find that the circle spacing above the wide bands is slightly different than the spacing above the narrow bands, just so the circle can be at the top of each "T". Libby, that "double bubbles" pattern is continuous down each vertical band. I didn't treat the blocks differently. Most of the fabric was too bold to show any creative quilting. It looks pretty good on the back, which is a solid lime green.
  3. Beautiful job on both quilts. Very traditional, regular patterns that just speak volumes of what used to be done. On my Mac, I have to "export" the photos from my photo tool to put them into a temporary folder as photo files. Then I can click and drag the photo files into the forum web page.
  4. It looks like you're having as much fun as I am just playing with freeforms! If you're having a long time to load a quilt, then look into the "Leader Grips" tools. I discovered those this past year, and loading a quilt is now a breeze. They completely eliminate pins, replacing them with long plastic snap-on clamps. (I also bought the Leader Grip "side grips," but don't find them as useful.)
  5. Very cute! Your grandkids will have absolutely unique growth charts.
  6. Whee! A first "client" quilt. Well, not really. But it's the first one I've done for someone other than my wife. This was pieced by a good friend, and I offered to quilt two of her quilts as a birthday present. This is the first. Lots of straight lines and bars in her quilting, but the colors were so bold and young that I thought it needed lots of fun freeform bubbles and bounces. I've now given it back to her, and she was delighted. Her second quilt is languishing back in my Tennessee studio, awaiting our return from Florida in April. It'll be more formal.
  7. Still working on the binding handwork, but I thought I'd post these completion pictures. This quilt was pieced by my wife Beth over a year ago for our son, who is a music professor and music composer. All the fabrics have music motifs, and she arranged them in a bold black-and-white log cabin style. My challenge was to tie it all together with quilting while enhancing the music motif. So: piano keys around the border, music notes in the big circles, and treble/bass clefs all over the place. It was fun to work out how to quilt these patterns as efficiently as possible, but there were still a LOT of stops and starts. I also challenged myself to knot and hide all the ends this time.
  8. I really like the way your spiral feathers complement the straight bars in each block on the first quilt. Nice contrast!
  9. Cleaner look. I can understand the need for change ... but what happened to our signatures?
  10. I particularly like the radial wave pattern in the white sections. Nice job everywhere!
  11. Libby, actually I'm still learning how to best use thread colors. Mostly, I have simply picked one color for the quilt and used it throughout. This one, I experimented with two colors and it broadened my ideas. Today I was in Hancock's of Paducah and saw a quilt where they used three different BOBBIN colors on the back to define different areas. It was marvelous, and opened my mind even more.
  12. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks, Terry.
  13. Looking again at this, I'm wondering about two things. 1. How did you do the two circles at each side? They look like some sort of mesh rather than the linen fabric. 2. How did you get the green to show in the four swirl motifs in the corners? Did you cut out fabric?
  14. You really made the panel designs pop out with your quilting! Very nice.